So today we had a short little chat with some new guys to the market. An Irish bunch called Vostok, a group of thermo dynamic whiz kids who are working to create some very innovative thermal compounds and other interesting products.

PLAY3R: Thermal compounds are certainly a very important part of custom pc building, however far from what would normally come to peoples minds with looking to produce a new product, what drew you to this market sector? 

Noel: I have always gravitated towards technology since the 80’s but only in the late 90’s was my interest in hardware starting to truly develop. Hardware overclocking was a niche hobby growing in accessibility and popularity and of course I was there, doing my part to squeeze every last MHz out of my computer.

More recently I took a break from all thing’s technology related to withdraw into more hand’s on work relating to metal craft’s and from this I developed a keen interest in metal’s, their alloys and how I could exploit their properties to achieve the thing’s I wanted. It was only through these experiences did it occur that I could blend my interest in both technology and craft’s to create something that satisfied both my interests.

PLAY3R: Thermal compounds are such a niche market with quite a few competitors already. What makes your produces stand out from all the competition?

Noel: Our performance driven attitude is reflected in the speed in which our compound’s have advanced. It is not enough to simply have a compound , it must be persistently revised and improved upon and as a result of this thinking, our compound’s have transformed in a period of just a few months from what began as two fairly below average compound’s to what is now two compound’s that I hope will rival more established brand’s. We accomplished this feat on a shoe string budget yet is only the beginning of our search for improved performance.

PLAY3R: Do your products really differ that much from what is already available in such a busy market?

Noel: Absolutely! We’re already chemically reducing our own nano material’s, many of which I hope will see action in both re visioned and new compounds. We have idea’s on paper for improved aqueous solution’s for water cooling and our own composite heat sinks for motherboard’s.

PLAY3R: So we know where you came from and where your going. The most important thing now is where can we buy your products from? 

Noel: Our V1 and V3 compound’s will make appearances certainly on eBay hopefully within a month. We are presently harvesting data from around the world on how the compounds are performing in a range of computer systems and while I am confident in these product’s I want to see data from my many kind performance tester’s before anything get’s released for public use. Amazon will be another platform of interest to us and we’ll try to set up on that as soon as possible. Customer’s can use our Facebook page as another mean’s to acquire our products.


So there we have it, its certainly very promising to have such a small company as Vostok working to produce such innovative products indeed. We will certainly be looking to add their compounds to our huge thermal compound test once these are released onto the public market and hopefully then be able to give you a full low down on just how well these novitiate products stack up against the competitions.

Let us know what you think of the Vostok thermal compounds below.

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