Intel Core i7-7700K

Reputable and overclocking favourable UK retailer Overclockers UK have listed highly ambient binned Intel Core i7-7700K processors for £899.99. The processors are pre-binned by legendary former overclocking champion 8pack to a high clock of 5.2GHz with 1.32-1.39 vCore needed to achieve the clocks.

The settings and binning methodology are as follows:

– Guaranteed 5.2GHz core overclock in all none AVX applications. No games use AVX neither do 90% of professional applications
– CPUs delidded by OcUK professionals with Liquid Metal replacing original Intel TIM for 15c-30c cooler running temperatures
– Full 1-year warranty with OCUK, same as regular OEM CPU
– Free Thermal Grizzly 1g TIM so as to get the best contact with heat sink used.

Settings for 5.2GHz:
– Vcore 1.32-1.39v load typically 1.35v needed at most.
– VCCSA 1.05 for 3200mhz mems Upto 1.25 for DDR4000mhz +
– VCCIO 1.0 for 3200mhz mems. upto 1.25 For DDR4000mhz +

– Components used for binning (your cooling, mainboard and PSU need to be of similar quality:
– Asetek 240 AIO cooler
– 3200mhz 16GB (2x8GB) Corsair memory
– Nvidia GTX 1080
– Asus Strix and ROG motherboards and Gigabyte Gaming 7.
– 1200W Quality Gold PSU (Any 750W+ Gold PSU should be fine)

CPU 48hr Stress tests used:
– Real Bench
– None AVX Prime 95
– XTU with 3D running

Recommended hardware to get the best from the CPU:
– Motherboard in ASUS Strix, ROG range or Gigabyte Aorus.
– AIO cooler with 240mm Rad or higher, lesser cooling may work fine but is not guaranteed to.
– Quality Gold rated or above PSU providing enough quality power for the entire system.
– Waterloops may see higher stable overclocks

You can purchase here by clicking here –

Would you consider paying the premium for one of these highly binned Intel Core i7-7700K 5.2GHz capable processors? Let us know in the comments!

SOURCEOverclockers UK
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