Aerocool Teases New Gaming Brands at Computex

Taipei, Taiwan – Aerocool, a gaming hardware design company, announces Dream Box Booth, teases a new gaming brand – Thunder X3 and Project 7 aka P7. Inspired by the recent launch of its award winning modular kit design – the Dream Box – Aerocool took it one step further by planning the Computex booth after the modular kit design.

Dream Box, launched in October 2015, is a modular kit that consists of a number of aluminum pipes, metal beams, and plastic joints allowing users to create almost anything. Whether it be a conventional rectangular PC case, a helicopter themed PC, or a simple yet fun structure such as a lamp hub, a coat rack or even a bridge.

This year at Computex with enlarged components inspired by the Dream Box, a mega structured Drone welcomes you to come experience the fun innovative Dream Box and displays made by users around the world.

Project 7, a family of products designed by Aerocool, will be displayed for the first time this Computex. Designed for gamers and enthusiasts the new line of products has something for every gamer. Find out more at the booth.

Gaming or streaming over long hours can be tiring. To ensure gamers and streamers have the most comfortable experience, Aerocool has designed a number of gaming chairs for those that love to sit through long hours of gaming or streaming. They will also reveal a new line of power strips and USB charging ports, including smart watch charging stations. All accessories come in aluminum casing ensuring a beautiful and modern design for home or the office.

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