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Computex 2019 has arrived and Alphacool are showcasing their latest products. Server watercooling is a bit of a niche market, but this has not held Alphacool back.


Alphacool has been offering Enterprise solutions for many customers and business areas for years. CPUs and GPUs offer more and more performance, which means that the heat dissipation seems to increase more and more. Multicore CPUs and High-End graphics cards take their toll on cooling.

Alphacool also offers highly optimized cooling solutions for 1U, 2U and 4U server racks. The
special CPU and GPU coolers were specially adapted and optimized for the extremely flat 1U server racks. In addition, care was taken to install a generous expansion tank. For easy maintenance, all core components are connected with quick-release fasteners. This greatly facilitates replacement or upgrade.2U_Server_complete

– Big reservoir
– Copper radiator for max performance
– Special Eisblock XPX Pro 1U CPU cooler
– Special Server GPU cooler
– GPU and CPU water cooled
– Quick fasteners for an easy maintenance
1U/2U/4U Server
Enterprise Solution


Alphacool has been offering enterprise solutions for many customers and business areas for years. Graphics cards are now not only used for display, but also offer a wide range of applications.This includes for example rendering, AI-drawing, blockchain and much more.

The problem is a reasonable cooling for several high performance graphics cards in one server rack. Thanks to the full copper radiators and the use of specially adapted graphic card coolers, Alphacool can easily cool the components permanently even under full load without the graphic cards starting to throttle. In addition, all graphics cards are integrated via quick-release fasteners, which makes a simple replacement of the graphics cards possible.

– Up to 9 GPUs
– 4U compatible
– 2 Pumps
– 2 big reservoirs
– all graphic carts have quick fasteners
GPU Supercomputer
Enterprise Solution


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