ASWY Announces Levitating Multi-Room Home Theater System

ASWY, the patent holder for Levitating Speakers and the company that brought you the first Levitating Bluetooth Speaker the AIR, has announced its home audio system will have extensive voice command, adding to the intelligent features of what promises to be the most advanced multi-room, levitating, Wi-Fi home theater system on the market.

SPACO, the first wireless home theater system that floats on air, comes with a handy SPACO app, meaning it can be fully controlled by your smartphone and tablet, but will also be handsfree and controlled by voice command.


SPACO Voice Control Features:
Voice-controllable controls include power on/off, volume, next, previous, play, pause, mute.

Music – the SPACO DJ will play the tunes you like, based on your selection history. It gets smarter, the more you listen. Simply say: “SPACO Music.”

Streaming platforms – fire up your favorite streaming music platforms.  Simply say: “SPACO [Spotify or Soundgroove].”

Radio – boot up your preferred radio station. Say: “SPACO [BBC Radio 1].”

Social community – chat live with a group or individuals. Just say: “[Names].” And you can make a video call through the app, similar to Apple’s facetime. With two-way speaker and microphone, you can also speak to people in different rooms where you have placed a speaker – or through the app, chat across the world.

TV – wirelessly hook up the speaker system to your TV. Simply say: “SPACO TV.”
“We brought out the first floating speaker in 2014 with magnet and microphone, now we’ve tried to enhance all the features possible to make this the most intelligent home audio theater system out there,” said Allen Wang, ASWY founder.

“For example, SPACO has built-in, highly sensitive microphones with Noise Cancelation Technology, meaning SPACO will always hear your command even in noisy environments.”

ASWY is unveiling its SPACO prototype at IFA, like it did two years ago with the world’s first levitating speaker, AIR, ahead of an Indiegogo launch in the coming month.

Mr Wang said SPACO would include even more advanced features. More details to come.

The 6-piece SPACO 5.1 wireless audio system spec includes:

  • Fully Qualified Bluetooth v4.0,HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP/PBAP/SPP support and wifi HD Audio 192kHz / 24 bit
  • SBC,MP3,AAC,Faststream,APTX codec support
  • Bluetooth operating range over 10 meters Wifi over 50meters
  • Total Power 255Wrms @ 10% THD
  • SPACO CENTER – 35Wrms omnidirectional speaker output power
  • SPACO Tower x2 – 35Wrms omnidirectional satellite speaker output power
  • SPACO MINI x2- 35Wrms omnidirectional satellite speaker output power
  • SPACO WOOFER – 75Wrms omnidirectional Subwoofer speaker output power
  • HDMI/Optical/Coaxial/Aux/ DC jack in
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