A show system with an ASUS motherboard, Corsair RGB memory and a Corsair liquid cooler showing off the ability to use iCUE with ASUS motherboards

Corsair announced yesterday that their iCUE RGB control software can now control ASUS Aura Sync-enabled motherboards. Previously you couldn’t use iCUE with an ASUS motherboard, and you had to use ASUS Aura Sync as well. Now, with ASUS Aura Sync still open, you can control the LEDs on ASUS motherboards through iCUE. Corsair is keen to mention that their iCUE software also features a host of useful non-RGB-related controls, such as the mouse setup Bo Pendersen looked at in our review of the M55 RGB Pro mouse.

You can get the latest version of Corsair iCUE from the CORSAIR website, and the latest version of ASUS Aura Sync is available from the ASUS website. Instructions on how to control ASUS Aura Sync motherboards with iCUE are available at http://www.corsair.com/icue-motherboard-integrations.

More to The Story: How iCUE’s Compatibility with ASUS Motherboards Reflects Industry Trends

The RGB industry has had a problem. As customisable lighting finds its feet, there can be a real challenge in getting everything working together. It feels like every brand has its own software. Those few who don’t, have to validate their products with multiple other brands. It can feel like a mess. This is also a hard problem to solve, yet another piece of software trying to “unify” will only further divide, but no-one wants to rely on their competitor’s software either.

It’s very easy to see this as failing to work together and say they should all just get along. But there’s a lot more to it than that. As straightforward as the effects you might see shown off at trade shows are, addressable RGB is hard. Every single LED has a microcontroller in it, and they’re all communicating over a network. To make a really good effect you have to know exactly which microcontroller at which address maps to which physical location. Doing this right now is a matter of elbow grease – programming the locations into the software for different hardware. It’s no wonder it’s so rare for manufacturers to support other people’s products.

Corsair’s support of ASUS Aura Sync motherboards isn’t just two companies shaking hands and agreeing to get along. It’s a sign that hard work has been put in behind the scenes to make it easier to fine-tune your own personal preference of illumination. Love RGB or hate it, this is an impressive achievement.

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  1. Pointless when it’s only compatible with the 12v 4pin headers! Maybe when they add 5v 3pin header support I’ll give it another look.

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