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Lindy: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Keep computer viruses and unauthorised system access on lock-down with Lindy’s simple to use and highly effective USB, RJ-45 and SD Port Blockers.

Every year, businesses spend huge amounts of money and time dealing with infected computer systems and policing unauthorised access. Whilst it remains necessary to have systems in place should either of these occur, it is far better to prevent them from happening at all.

Facilities managers and installers of IT/AV systems can do just that with Lindy’s inexpensive, easy to fit, and highly effective family of Port Blockers. These handy items, which come in a variety of guises to suit many different use case scenarios, simply prevent systems from being compromised in the first place by physically preventing unauthorised access.

The products block users from hard-wiring phones, pen-drives, MP3 players and other personal devices to USB ports and come with their own colour coded lock and key combination should access or removal of the lock be desirable.

Delivering the ability to block all types of USB ports, including Type C, and available in versions for PC/Laptop style products and tablets, IT security managers can be sure of finding the right product to suit their needs.  To use, simply plug the ‘keylock’ into the port, release the latch and the lock remains in place.  Plug the key back into the lock to remove.

The protection does not end there however, as the range can also block access to RJ-45 network ports as well as USBs. The Lindy RJ-45 Port Blocker blocks open network ports to prevent users from connecting cables, devices or inserting foreign objects without permission.


All the products come with a two-year warranty and are available in a wide variety of colour coded choices and pack sizes, so facilities managers and IT professionals can always be sure they have the right level of stock.

The Lindy Port Blocker range is suitable for use in schools, offices, public sector environments or anywhere that it is desirable to prevent the spread of computer viruses or unauthorised access.

In short, the Port Blocker’s ability to deliver a wide ranging and effective level of protection compared to cost is unrivalled in the IT sector.

The Port Blocker Family is available now from Lindy and prices start from just £20.50 inc. VAT for a pack of four.

About Lindy Electronics

Lindy is a global supplier of combined AV and IT connectivity solutions and has been a partner to these industries for many years. New digital technologies are changing how our society communicates. Our vision is to identify people’s needs and provide the right environment for meeting them. We make this happen with leading-edge solutions that seamlessly connect, share, convert and extend a wide range of digital and analogue signals, allowing for versatile and powerful signal distribution which is essential in today’s increasingly connected world. Lindy combines outstanding expertise with the latest technology to provide our customers with efficient, high performing products and proven solutions to operate reliably in a variety of environments – We create technology for the connected world. Discover Lindy

Lindy Group commenced business in 1932 in Mannheim, Germany. Today, we operate in nearly 90 countries with 15 sales and service offices supporting customers globally across a broad range of industries.

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