MSI GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro G Gaming Notebook Review 2

MSI have been pushing ahead with Virtual Reality systems since before the final Oculus and Vive hardware started shipping. Not only have they been producing excellent VR Ready desktops they’ve gone and released a VR Ready laptop. But there is a big difference between this and other high-end gaming laptops, MSI have produced the first one that Intel and HTC have certified as VR and Vive Ready.

If you visit either HTC or Intel you’ll find that there is a large range of desktops capable of running a Vive or VR in general, but for laptops there is only a single certified choice, MSI. Looking at the specs it’s easy to see why the MSI GT72S Dominator is included. A sixth gen i7-6820HK processor and GTX 980m are a potent mix for any game needs and VR is a lot more demanding.

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The resolution of current headsets is around 20% higher than 1080p. The most important aspect for a smooth, motion sickness free VR experience is the framerate. The HTC Vive has a 90hz display which gives an idea of what is required for MSI to have achieved VR Ready certification with them. Most desktop systems fall short of this demanding goal, which makes the MSI GT72S Dominator stand out even further.

All this power comes at the cost of portability, including the battery we’re looking at 3.78kg of weight. But really it’s a small price to pay for the ability to take a VR Certified system with you with the minimum of fuss. Our own Gavin Bonshor reviewed it here before VR and gave it a gold award too.

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