MSI Joins in the Black Friday Fun

MSI have joined in with the Black Friday madness with offers available through plenty of different retailers this year. Here’s what they posted on Facebook

BLACK FRIDAY (weekend) DEALS…because let’s be honest…BF isn’t one day anymore!

Check out the following offers from some of our resellers!

Overclockers – GT72VR 6RE 040UK @ £1,899

Amazon – GL62 6QC 484UK @ £649 –

Box – GL62 6QD 408UK @ £699 – – GL72 6QD-220UK @ £649 –

Argos – GP72 6QF Leopard Pro 626UK @ £829.99 – – CX62 7QL-040UK @ £649.99 –

Falcon – GE62VR 6RF(Apache Pro)-027UK @ £1499 –…/apache-pro—156—core-…

Scan – GS40 / GS60 / GP62

CCL Computers – GL72 6QD-220UK @ £599.99 *TODAY ONLY EBAY SPECIAL* –

Comp Advance – GS40 6QE Phantom-090UK @ £999 –

Some of these units once GONE….then GONE!
Avoid the madness and sit at home….order online…and await delivery of the BEST GAMING NOTEBOOKS in the MARKET!!


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