SilentiumPC Armis AR7 feature

New Armis AR7 Series is here

Introducing the new mid-range chassis from SilentiumPC, the Armis AR7. Available with traditional all-black, solid panel or tempered-glass window, packed with RGB lights. This roomy full-tower cleverly blends minimalistic styling with performance features. With cooling being a major focus the front vents were specifically designed to provide high-volume, non-restrictive airflow, comparable to fully mesh designs. For simple maintenance, they are covered with easily removable custom dust filters.

A unique feature is the user-friendly I/O panel which can be repositioned from the top to the bottom for convenient access to USB/audio ports and fan/illumination switches.

Apart from two LED strips and ring-type fan, the Armis AR7 TG RGB also offers the option to mount the GPU vertically for showing off that precious card you managed to sneak through the miners. On the other side of the spectrum there is the classic AR7 version with a special “blackout” button which turns HDD and power LEDs off, especially useful for night rendering/simulation sessions.

Both variants will be available mid-April at modest price points of 69 / 89€ incl. VAT respectively. ODD-less version will follow in Q3.

SilentiumPC Armis AR7

SilentiumPC Rebranding

Armis series debut marks the new chapter for the Warsaw-based company. After 12-years history the company reached a point where the brand evolves to the next stage by proudly to presenting the new, unified SilentiumPC 2018 styling! Every visual aspect was designed from scratch, all-new logotype, website and product packaging. Subtle design cues such as the signature ~ wavy ~ pattern can also be found throughout the social media channel as well as included in final product design.

These changes serve not only the aesthetical purpose, but allow the brand to present a consistent brand image to the customers and provide more detailed product information. Revamped styling does not compromise SilentiumPC core values, professionalism, value for money, extensive pre- and aftersales support with flexible as well as user-friendly RMA services.

Rebranding is the crucial step in SilentiumPC development. Our adventure started with a sole focus on customers and we intend to keep that as our foundation while introducing even better designs and products. We remain a small, expert-driven team and with these changes we are determined to become an interesting alternative to major global brands.” – says Lucas Zdziech, CEO and co-founder of SilentiumPC.

With roots in Polish enthusiast market SilentiumPC is now available in several European countries. Visit the new website for company & product details.

Armis AR7 TG RGB Product Page
Armis AR7 TG RGB High-Res. Images
Armis AR7 Product Page
Armis AR7 High-Res. Images

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