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For performance enthusiasts and extreme overclockers: Thermalright’s high-performance thermal compounds provide significantly lower CPU temperatures in every PC. 

Summertime not only increases outdoor temperatures, it also makes sure that your processor cooler is working hard. With powerful thermal grease, you can now better support it to quickly get your processor’s waste heat out of the case. This is possible with the brand new Thermal Pastes TF6, TF8 and TFX from Thermalright. Especially compared to standard pastes, the three make your muscles play: Based on tiny particles optimized for maximum thermal conductivity, you fill in the smallest gaps between your processor and the CPU heatsink. Thus, the waste heat is effectively and quickly passed on to the cooler at a high system load and especially when overclocking.But not only in terms of performance, the TF 6, TF 8 and TFX offer enormous advantages: The handling is also very simple and designed for maximum security.

The 3 handling advantages of the “cooling trio” at a glance:

  • More safety: In contrast to silver-containing thermal compounds, the TF 6 is not electrically conductive. Even if you get a small amount on the processor socket or motherboard during cooler mounting, short circuits are ruled out.
  • More comfort: With conventional thermal compounds there is always the risk that the cooler sticks to your CPU. The horror scenario for every PC owner par excellence! On the other hand, with the new Thermalright pastes, you will be able to solve the cooler easily and safely from the processor during the next PC conversion. CPU torn from the socket? Not with Thermalright!
  • More service life: If pastes harden, the thermal conductivity also suffers and it can happen that hotspots form on the CPU. This noticeably affects the performance of your processor. The TF6, TF8 and TDX are better off, which will not dry out even after a long period of use.

Thermalright cooling pastes TF6, TF8 and TFX

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The perfect thermal paste for every PC user: From performance users to hardcore overclockers

Thermalright has worked closely with the requirements of performance-oriented PC technology in the development of new thermal compounds. Users apart. Thus, all three achieve extremely high thermal conductivity, ranging from 12.5 W / mk for the TF 6, over 13.8 W / mk for the TF 8 up to 14.3 W / mk for the TFX.

In addition, Thermalright has also thought of the hardcore overclockers with the TF 8 and TFX: even when cooled with liquid nitrogen, both pastes offer enormous power reserves. Even the TF 8 can be used without problems in a temperature range between -220 and +380 C – the TFX can even handle a low temperature of -250 C.

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We’ll put one more on top:
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