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Three Musketeers for Price-Conscious PC Enthusiasts: Cooltek’s Midi Towers One, Two and Three Stylish Gamers with an Eye to Your Budget

Unusual names, strong performance: Cooltek introduces three new midi-tower cases, which shine with their own, elegant design and clever details inside. The names are as simple and convincing as the looks: One, Two and Three. But while technology and optics in the upper class can keep up, the list prices of the three housings target price-conscious gamers and PC enthusiasts.

Cooltek One: Stylish design and clever technology for demanding users

The Cooltek One stands out at first glance for its strikingly designed housing front. Discreet and unique, the design conveys what the owner of the PC needs: strong equipment, generous space and smart details. The clever ventilation concept ensures an unobstructed flow of fresh air from the bottom and the front of the case to the top and back and out again thanks to the optimal placement of the fans. The result is excellent cooling of the hardware and significantly more power reserves. Low fan speeds ensure whisper-quiet background noise. It should be a little less restrained? Then the Cooltek One is available on request with integrated lighting. Here are three pre-assembled on the front of the housing 120-mm fan also included in the purchase price.

The technology in the interior can be seen in every respect, because in addition to the high accuracy and quality of workmanship, especially the space and the useful equipment details to convince. Graphics cards with a length of up to 350 mm as well as CPU coolers with a height of up to 162 mm can be easily found in the Cooltek One. A moveable HDD cage, a motherboard holder and additional holders for SSDs ensure a clean installation and a tidy structure.

If you want to equip your computer with water cooling, you can install radiators with a length of 240 mm behind the front of the housing or in the lid. At the back there is room for a radiator up to 120 mm in length. To prevent dust from lowering the cooling capacity, magnetically fixed dust filters keep the interior clean.


  • Cooltek One: € 39.99
  • Cooltek One with RGB lighting: € 49.99

Cooltek One

Cooltek Two: Even more charisma thanks to the front of the tempered glass housing

Gamers who value even more beautiful and simple looks will find the Cooltek Two an interesting alternative to choose from. The tempered glass front reflects the light gently and brings out the optional three 120mm fans on the front of the case particularly well. Of course this is even more true for the model variant with integrated RGB lighting, which has already pre-assembled these three fans at delivery. In addition, as with models One and Three, two large 120mm or 140mm fans can be optionally mounted on top of the case.

Another clever detail makes operation easier on all Cooltek triplets: At the top of the case front there is an I / O panel with two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 ports, as well as an HD audio and microphone access.


  • Cooltek Two: € 39.99
  • Cooltek Two with RGB Illumination: € 49.99

Cooltek Two

Cooltek Three: Simple, beautiful and without frills

When it comes to understatement, the Cooltek Three clearly has the edge. With its simple, smooth, gray front, it is hard to imagine that the hardware used in the interior provides maximum performance. It delivers just like his twin brothers, the models One and Two, high-quality technology at a discounted price.


  • Cooltek Three: 39,99 €

Cooltek Three

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