Phanteks Glacier C621 Gigabyte Aorus Extreme Kit Feature

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Phanteks today announced the release of three new Glacier products, the Gigabyte Aorus C621 Xtreme Kit, C360i, and C360a water blocks.

Like all Glacier Series products, the blocks are made from premium materials and have a high standard of quality to ensure maximum cooling performance. The water blocks feature a nickel-plated copper cold plate and acrylic top for an elegant look and optimal cooling for your extreme hardware.

Gigabyte Aorus C621 Xtreme Kit

The kit includes a VRM water block for Gigabyte’s Aorus Xtreme motherboard and CPU water block for Intel’s LGA 3647 Narrow Socket P processors. Providing the perfect combination of premium design and optimal cooling solution for Gigabyte’s Aorus Xtreme motherboard.

C360i & C360a

Phanteks C360i C360A Feature

The new Glacier C360 blocks are designed for full coverage of the surrounding hardware, filling up the spaces to blend with the motherboard. The C360i and C360a include black and chrome interchangeable cover plates so you can customize the outlook of the block to highlight your system. The integrated lighting can be synced with Digital-RGB equipped cases and motherboards to bring high-end cooling performance with style.


  • Glacier Gigabyte Aorus C621 Xtreme Kit: €369.90 £339.90
  • Glacier C360i Waterblock: €79.90 £72.90
  • Glacier C360A Waterblock: €79.90 £72.90
  • Available at the end of August 2019


Phanteks strives to develop top quality and superior products, we continuously pursue excellence in developing new products to bring satisfaction to PC enthusiasts and computer users everywhere.

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