An RTX 3060Ti cooler with the nvidia logo, product name, and text saying

Nvidia has launched the RTX 3060Ti, a cut-down RTX 3070 with a reduced $399 MSRP. Nvidia claims the new GPU beats the old RTX 2080 SUPER. In addition, the RTX 3060Ti is supposedly 40% faster on average than Nvidia’s last $400 card, the RTX 2060 SUPER. UK pricing is due to start at £369, down from the £469 of the RTX 3070.

In terms of specifications, Nvidia has decided to keep the full 8GB of memory from the RTX 3070. Not only that, but it’s all at the same 14Gbps. The only cut made is to the core, from 46 to 38 SMs. In other words, that’s 5888 to 4864 shader processors – a reduction of just over 17%. Reference clock speeds are also down, with a base of 1410MHz (vs 1500) and specced boost of 1665MHz (vs 1725). Power is only down 20W, from 220W to 200W.

The cooler for the RTX 3060Ti founders edition will look familiar to those who saw the RTX 3070 launch. It’s a cut-down version of the same chip, fed by the same memory, so the card itself looks all but identical.

Nvidia’s press release focuses mainly on the slew of software features they have to offer. Firstly, DLSS upscaling and post-processing is now supported in “over 25” games.
Secondly, “nearly a dozen” are due to adopt Nvidia Reflex latency reduction.
Finally, Nvidia Broadcast is an evolution of RTX Voice that is fully supported by the RTX 3060Ti. In addition to audio processing, RTX Voice can do background replacement without a green screen and automatic framing using face tracking.

The RTX 3060Ti is due to be available at retail on the 2nd of December, priced from £369 in the UK and $399 in the US.

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