Sandberg FireStorm Mech Feature

High-precision keyboards for gamers

Sandberg Hailstorm was a great success within mechanical gaming keyboards. A worthy successor is now available, with the hot name ‘FireStorm’.

HailStorm was the keyboard of choice for a huge number of computer game lovers. The manufacturer expects even more success with FireStorm. Sales Director Erling Hoff Petersen explains: “We’ve combined the best from HailStorm with a number of improvements and updates. We’ve also shaved 25% off the price thanks to economy of scale. A popular product which is now available in an even better version at a lower price – that’s got to be good.”

In common with its predecessor, FireStorm is based on the ultra-precise Outemu Blue mechanical switches, and fitted with RGB LED lights. A mega-fast interface ensures rapid and precise reactions, even when multiple keys are pressed at once. The whole thing is built on a solid metal plate.

FireStorm is on its way into stores and webshops right now. To find your nearest dealer or order online, go to


FireStorm Mech Keyboard UK

Item no.: 640-13

RRP incl. VAT:

– USB interface
– Cable length: 1.8 m
– 104 standard keys
– Outemu Blue mechanical switches
– RGB color for all keys
– Weight: 1000 g
– Detachable wrist rest


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