Hey, hey, hey, let’s go make some crazy money!

San Francisco / London, 25th May 2017 – Local taxi companies and drivers around the world, unite! After almost two decades of Crazy Taxi games and millions of rides analysed, SEGA is proud to announce it will soon launch Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire, allowing local taxi companies to take back the power from ridesharing conglomerates.

To celebrate the upcoming launch and make sure that drivers around the world have enough time to practice their crazy driving skills, the mobile version of the original Crazy Taxi which was previously £4.99/€4,99, is available for free (with ad support) on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and on Google Play for Android devices from here on out. Controller compatibility has also been added on top of the existing touch controls, and players who have already purchased the game will retain the game without advertisements*.

Everyone should be able to fight against powerful ride-sharing company PRESTIGE MEGACORPORATION and its infamous leader Edelbert Von Güber. Whether you are on an iPhone, iPad or Android device, start your training and await further instructions: your time will come soon.

No time for brakes; customers in various states of inebriation from all nations are expecting you. Train hard, stay crazy.

Download now for iOS or Android

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Screenshots, Icon and the original artwork are available here.

*For Android users who have previously purchased Crazy Taxi Classic, the ad-free version can be found in your purchase history. Users who have not previously purchased Crazy Taxi Classic and wish to play ad-free can remove ads completely for £1.99/€1.99 .

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