The Creative Sound Blaster G3, a slim palm-sized dongle that's rounded on the long sides with a short USB-C cable coming out of one end, audio ports on the other, and control wheels and switches on the sides. There's also a button pressed into the centre of the dongle.

With USB Type-C getting more popular as an audio interface, there’s a growing need for external DACs. USB-C to 3.5mm “converters” are popping up everywhere, and where there’s a market there’s a high-end market. The Creative Sound Blaster G3 is a gaming-focused USB-C DAC and amp that’s plug and play on both the PS4 (with a passive USB Type-C to Type-A adapter) and the Nintendo Switch. Audiophile-grade headphones are supported with an ability to drive up to a 300 ohm impedance.

Meet the Creative Sound Blaster G3

Most noticeable in the center of the Creative Sound Blaster G3 is a great big button with a light around it.

Pictured: great big button with a light around it.

This button activates Creative’s “Footsteps Enhancer”, an EQ setting that aims to make footstep noises louder in games where that gives an advantage. The EQ is customisable and features profiles for games including Fortnite, CoD: Infinite Warfare and Overwatch. This feature is platform independent and works on PS4, Switch, Mac and PC.

Looking at the ports, there are three ports – the expected headphone and mic jacks, but also a 3.5mm combination optical and line in.

Pictured: the expected headphone and mic jacks, but also a 3.5mm combination optical and line in.

This port lets you give the Sound Blaster G3 two audio inputs: one from USB, and one from either analogue line in or the included digital optical cable. This is what enables Creative’s “GameVoice” technology. I was wondering how GameVoice works when I first saw it – this is how. After following a multi-step configuration process detailed on Creative’s website, you can get game audio on the optical/line in port and voice audio over USB. This then lets the Sound Blaster G3 mix the two sources, and you can control this mix with the volume wheel in mixing mode. Unfortunately this feature isn’t supported on the Switch, but does work on the PS4 as well as PC and Mac.


Headphone Inputs USB Type-C for voice audio, 3.5mm line in/optical for game audio
Headphone Output 3.5mm
Mic Input 3.5mm
USB Connector Type-C (Type-C to Type-A adapter included)
Power USB bus powered, 5 watts (1A@5V)
Controls Mic Mute, Mic Volume, GameVoice/Volume Toggle, GameVoice/Volume Control, Footsteps Enhancer button
Surround Sound Virtual up to 7.1
Impedance 16-63 ohms low gain, 64-300 ohms high gain
DAC spec 100dB Dynamic Range, 16-bit/24-bit resolution, 48kHz/96kHz sample rate
Features Footsteps Enhancer EQ, CrystalVoice smart volume, GameVoice mixer, BLE remote control from iOS or Android
Accessories USB Type-C to Type-A adapter, 1m optical cable
Platform Sony PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Apple Mac OS
Warranty 2-year limited warranty

Availability and Pricing

Creative has given us an MSRP of £54.99. The Sound Blaster G3 is available in the UK direct from Creative. In the US, you can get it direct from Creative for $59.99.

SOURCECreative Technology Ltd
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