Streacom DA2 Mini-ITX Case


An extremely compact SFF case with fully adjustable internal mounts and water-cooling support.

Streacom are proud to announce their latest addition to the small form factor case market, the DA2 mini-itx case. It comes with a brushed aluminium exterior and is packed with new features. The DA2 has adjustable struts, that can be re-positioned based on hardware specification, allowing users to maximise the internal space for optimum compatibility and cooling.

The case can fit up to a 330mm dual-slot GPU, without the need for a riser cable, and with options to power your PC with both ATX and SFX PSUs. The DA2 also packs a mount suitable for up to a 280mm radiator, giving the option for both air and water-cooled builds.

Avaliable for pre-order at Overclockers UK from £199.99

Streacom DA2 at a glance:

  • Compact design at just 18cm x 28.6cm x 34cm
  • Aluminium exterior with brushed aluminium finish
  • Adjustable internal struts for maximum compatibility and cooling optimisation
  • Support for dual-slot GPUs up to a maximum of 330mm, without the need for riser cable
  • Fan mounts for up to 1 x 80mm rear and 1 x 40-180mm top and side.
  • Water-cooling support for up to 1 x 280mm radiator
  • Storage solutions of up to 6 x 2.5″ or 3 x 3.5″
  • Space for either ATX, SFX-L or SFX PSU
  • Front I/O Panel 1 x USB C 3.0

Adaptable internals with rail based struts and brackets.
Offering compact dimensions of just 180mm by 286mm by 340 mm, the Streacom DA2 chassis offers an innovative solution to maximise its internal space. Integrated rails, that are attached at the top and bottom of each side, allow the internal mounting brackets to be moved depending on build configuration. Brackets in the form of narrow struts can be threaded, which can be used both vertically and horizontally to fit components. This provides maximum freedom in positioning the motherboard, graphics card and even a 280 mm radiator. In addition the back can also be rotated 180 degrees too. 

The power supply bracket consists of two larger frames, allowing either an ATX- or SFX form factor PSU to be fitted to the front of the chassis, with power cable routed to the back of the case. Fitting an ATX PSU rather than SFX, does limit the possible length of the graphics card from 330mm to 220mm. A second frame attached to the PSU bracket serves as the storage mount, supporting either 3 x  3.5″ or 6 x 2.5″ drives.

Air and water-cooling configurations

The Streacom has configurable air-cooling options with mounts for up to 1 x 80mm rear fan and 1 x 40mm – 180mm fans on the both the side and top of the case. The CPU cooler clearance is up to a maximum of 145 mm.

Alternatively, a radiator up to 280 mm in size can be installed on one side, which can be integrated into a custom loop. The bracket braces can also be used for attaching a reservoir or pump.

Connectivity and Storage Solutions

The Streacom front I/O consists of both a power and USB C 3.0 connection, with storage configurations for up 6 x 2.5″ or 3 x 3.5″ drives.

Avaliable for pre-order at Overclockers UK from £199.99

Streacom DA2 Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 50 x 150 x 330 mm (W x H x D)
  • Material: Aluminium (anodised, brushed), steel
  • Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Volume: 17.5 L
  • Colour: Black
  • Form factor: Mini-ITX
  • Total Possible Fans:
    1x 80mm fan (rear)
    1 x 40 – 180 mm (side, top)
  • Total Possible Radiators:
    1x max. 280 mm (side)
  • Drive Bays: 6x 2.5″, 3x 3.5″
  • PSU: ATX, SFX or SFX-L (optional)
  • Expansion Slots: 2 (Dual-Slot)
  • I/O Panel:
    1x USB 3.0 Type C (internal connection)
  • Hardware Compatibility:
  • Max CPU cooler height: 145 mm
  • Max GPU length: 330 mm (220 with an ATX PSU)
  • Max GPU height: 50 mm (dual-slot)
  • Max GPU width: 150 mm

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