Tai-Ho Present Doubleshot PBT Two-tone Backlit Keycap Sets 4

Taiwan Tai-Hao Ent. Co., Ltd.  Keycap manufacturer. We manufacture various kinds of ABS, PBT, POM doubleshot keycaps. For winter 2016, we are pleased to introduce our new product: Doubleshot PBT Two-tone Backlit Key Set.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboards are a very popular computer peripheral. Many enthusiasts and gamers have one or even more. For gamers, mechanical keyboards are not merely an input device but a very important device to enhance the gaming experience. Many gaming keyboards are designed with LED backlights, for use in low light situations. The legends on standard backlit keycaps can fade over time of use. Powder coated keys with laser etching have a shorter lifespan, especially under heavy use, in gaming and other pursuits.

To keep your mechanical keyboard looking good for longer, we are pleased to provide you with an ideal solution: Tai-Hao 2016 New Backlit Doubleshot Key Set!

Delicate Doubleshot Legend

We are proud to say that we have produced a most delicate and beautiful legend. With 50 years of experience in doubleshot tooling and injection, we successfully worked the most ideal doubleshot backlit keycaps for enthusiasts who look for the best quality.

double shot legendsBest Lighting Performance

The most important thing for shine-through keycaps is when the backlight is on, how do the legends look. Does the entire legend shine through smoothly and clearly? Will I see light leaking from the keytop? These are things that enthusiasts consider when they plan to buy a backlit keyboard or a set of backlit keycaps.

When you see our product, you will be amazed by the lighting performance. Whether the light is on or not, the legend is always clearly visible. And when the light is on, every character is lit evenly without any dark areas.

keycaps on keyboardAvailable in a Variety of Colors

Based on a two-tone colour pattern, we are able to provide our PBT shine-through key set in a variety of colours. Enthusiasts can choose their favourite combination to customise their mechanical keyboards. For more information about new colour patterns we are developing, please contact us for updates.

red and white keycaps

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