Live Dealer Games

Online casinos have grown in popularity over the past few years, but it’s only recently that they were able to accurately replicate the traditional gambling experience. This was possible through the creation of live dealer games. These games are accessed through online casinos, but you will be working directly with a human dealer on a screen.

How Does it Work?

Live dealer games are run in real time on Optical Character Recognition software. In fact, in many of these games, you will see a clock in the background showing the current time. The software translates the characters on the wheels or cards into data that can be sent to your electronic of choice. Previously, the data could only be received on desktop devices, but now, even small smartphones have enough power to access this data. The software will automatically tell you the value of your hand and the outcome of your bet.

The games are usually set up in small rooms with live dealers, OCR equipment, cameras, and game tables. In some cases, a single room can be set up with multiple tables to create an atmosphere that resembles traditional casinos even closer. However, many of the top-rated live casinos use a single table per room in order to minimise background noise and distraction.

Conversing with the Live Dealer

You can speak directly to the live dealer when playing these games. This can make the games personal, realistic, and exciting. The dealer can help you play properly as they engage you in some interesting stories. They are also usually very attractive.

Play Casually

You don’t need to wear a suit in order to play. You will be enjoying the activities from your home or the beach, so you can simply go ahead and wear whatever you intended to wear on that particular day. However, you should always set aside some time for the games since some like poker can run for a long time. Make sure you have some snacks within arm’s length. Many people quit the games before concluding because they have to complete some other urgent tasks, and that can lead to the loss of a lot of money.


Live dealer casino games are exciting and fun. They give you the chance to choose your gambling environment and, at the same time, you can interact with live dealers. You will also get to spend the online casino bonuses on these games. Essentially, live casinos combine the online gambling experience with the traditional one.

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