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I have been on the hunt for a replacement controller for my PC for a little while, then my trusty wired Xbox controller decided it wanted no more and finally gave up on me which forced the issue. So when I was offered a controller to review I jumped at the chance! Please join me on this controller review where I am looking at something a bit different, but I do enjoy a good peripheral accessory so let’s get cracking, take a look-see and find out how well this bargain EasySMX Wireless Controller performs. We’ll start as usual with the Spec’s and Features which you can also find on the product’s website.

EasySMX Wireless Controller Specifications & Features


Operating Range 10 m, 32.8 ft
Operating Time 20 hours
Compatibility Android 4.0 / Windows XP, Vista, Windows 8 / PS3
Length 77 mm, 3.03 in
Width 135 mm, 5.31 in
Height 175 mm, 6.89 in
Weight 220 g, 0.49 lbs
Box Content 1 x ESM-9013 Gamepad, 1 x Nano Receiver, 1 x User Manual

EasySMX Wireless Controller Closer Look

So when it comes to getting inside the box it’s with a nice treasure chest style opening, popping the tape holding it closed reveals a nice cleanly presented controller the for me is somewhat reminiscent of the old Xbox 360 controllers. The shape and style look like it’ll be a nice ergonomic fit in the and we shall get to that later but for now, let’s get all the bits and pieces out of the box and take a better look at what we have.

So as you can see there isn’t much to this controller which I find is the best way, not overloaded with bits and bobs in the box. You have the instructions and a warranty card then the controller and its nano Bluetooth receiver which is ace so there isn’t anything else to confuse you in the box! Upon taking the controller out of the box I noticed the blue bordered sections are actually rubberised and add a bit of extra grip to the controller which feels quite good in the hand, will be interesting how they work out in extended gaming. The EasySMX controller really does feel like a slightly improved design on the old Xbox 360 Controllers the rubber sections are a definite improvement over some controllers I have used in the past and I like the choice of going with a battery compartment as it makes switching power over nice and quick just make sure to have a few AA batteries handy because you don’t want to lose power to the controller mid-game!

For me personally, most controllers do the job they are designed for and that’s playing games and being comfortable to use whilst doing so. The EasySMX Wireless Controller does this and does it well, I thought the rubber portions were just for show when I took the controller out of its box but they help get a better grip of the gaming controller while you are playing. I use the controller for mostly playing racing simulators as playing these with a keyboard and mouse set up is quite the challenge! The EasySMX Wireless Controller is really responsive, which for myself in racing games is a massive must, you don’t want to be turning for a corner and the controller doesn’t respond fast enough causing you to end up crashing the car. It’s also really pleasant to use for other games such as RPG titles. I played a few hours of The Witcher 3 and it felt almost akin to playing on a console which was a really relaxing experience and again the responsiveness of the controller meant strikes against enemies in the game were in time with my panicked button mashing! I was pretty impressed with the fact it’s a plug and play set up too, there are drivers available on EasySMX’s website but you can just pop the nano receiver into a USB port and blam after a few moments of Windows setting up the device away you go ready to game!

There is one thing I do have to note though with the EasySMX controller and that is it has very audible vibration motors inside, there were a few occasions where I was playing Need For Speed and the folks I was on Discord with could actually hear when I was hitting bumps or obstacles in game due to audible level of vibration. However this doesn’t detract from the great ergonomic grip the controller provides; like I mentioned the rubber textured sections are in just the right spot and make the sweaty palms when having an extended session no issue for grip! The controller also features a neat sleep mode so after a few minutes of inactivity it will power itself off which for me is a brilliant feature to help prolong the battery life for the pad and a simple tap of the centre button gets you back in the fight so to speak. The price of the EasySMX controller is really budget friendly too bearing in mind it will also work the PS3 and Android 4.0 devices that support OTG which is pretty impressive when you realise this is currently priced at £19.99 over on Amazon.co.uk so you are getting a mighty good package with this controller!

The EasySMX Wireless Controller Review: The Verdict

What’s hot:

  • The controller is nice and light without being too light
  • Really good pricing point for a Bluetooth controller
  • Easy install, literally plug and play

What’s not:

  • Very audible vibration motors
  • Slight downside is being AA battery powered

So after getting to grips with the EasySMX Wireless controller, what are my end thoughts? Well I must admit for the price this controller is mighty good. It performs well for gaming which is always a must and even though it’s at a bargain price it doesn’t feel cheap, indeed the controller feels somewhat premium which surprised me – so that’s a great outcome for me. The controller ticks all the boxes for me too. It works great and doesn’t struggle in any instances that I have seen and if you are after a budget-friendly wireless controller I can happily recommend the EasySMX Wireless Controller on a value basis but also on a performance basis as I have found this controller keeps up with everything I could throw at it! So what is your take on this? For me, an unknown brand bringing a great budget-friendly peripheral to market is certainly the best way to catch attention!

Thanks to the folks over at EasySMX for sending a sample of their EasySMX Wireless Controller in for review.

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easysmx-wireless-controller-reviewThe EasySMX Wireless Controller is a Bluetooth controller that connects to your PC or console via a nano-USB receiver and can also connect to other Bluetooth devices for use with mobile gaming. With great comfort, hassle-free setup and a really friendly price it seems to have it all, but is it the perfect peripheral? Read on to see what I thought after getting to know it in detail.


  1. hello, unfortunately i ordered easy smx wireless controller without the nano reciever. is it possible to buy the nano reciever from anywhere for it

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