The Thermaltake Floe RC360 with TOUGHRAM RC modules.

As part of the Thermaltake Expo 2020 online event, Thermaltake have shown off their Floe RC240 and RC360 coolers. First announced back at CES, these unique all-in-one liquid coolers cool not only the CPU but also the memory. As well as the CPU block, the loop features a large memory waterblock with 36 addressable RGB LEDs.

Thermaltake Floe RC240 and RC360 – The Rationale

Memory watercooling is a somewhat fringe use, but it’s interesting to see it addressed. To many people it’s completely pointless to watercool something that produces only a few watts of heat. To others, it may be pointless but it looks really cool. This can be a compelling point.

However there is a third group of people, who are going way past rated settings and wringing every last MHz out of their memory. Those people have found that temperature really does matter, and the difference between 30C and 40C can be the difference between stable and unstable. Some have even identified an exact temperature above which their overclock fails. For those individuals, the Thermaltake Floe RC240 and RC360 start making sense.

The waterblock itself seems to mount to the DIMMs with bolts at each end. It’s designed to work with Thermaltake’s own TOUGHRAM RC memory – available in 2x8GB kits up to DDR4-4400. However the mounting system also looks similar to that seen on third-party memory watercooling gear.

Spec-wise, these are your typical AIO but with a memory block. The waterblocks are copper, they come with 2 fans for the 240mm version and 3 for the 360mm version, and there’s addressable RGB everywhere. Software support spans the RGB industry, with ASUS, ASRock, Biostar, Gigabyte and MSI boards and software all supported via a 5V aRGB header. All the usual AMD and Intel sockets are supported, with TR4/TRX40 and LGA3647 the only modern exceptions. The pump is rated at 3600rpm, with stock fans running at up to 1500rpm.

The Thermaltake Floe RC240 with TOUGHRAM RC modules.
This is the 240mm RC240 – the 360mm RC360 version is at the top of the page.

Pricing and Availability

The Floe RC240 and Floe RC360 are due in July. Asking price is £139.99 for the 240mm version, and £169.99 for the 360mm.

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