The past period has been extremely interesting in terms of the online industry. Due to the ongoing events in the world, the online industry has moved to the leading positions. The industry has developed with rapid speed and generally caused the huge enhancement of the digitization process in a very short period of time.

The Covid-19 outbreak has caused a lot of changes in multiple industries all across the world. We were used to doing certain things at certain moments in certain places. Now, all we have is our house, internet connection and several online platforms which we find the most appealing to us.

Due to the massive outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, people all across the globe are encouraged to stay home in order to prevent any further spread of the virus and much more infected people. The number of infected people is soon expected to reach one million, while the number of deaths due to novel coronavirus almost reached 40,000 cases. The governments of every country are trying to fight the virus with preventional measures.

Impact on industries

Within just a couple of weeks, people had to adjust to working from home as well as remaining inside 24/7. Naturally, this was extremely hard to cope with, therefore most people started looking for entertainment methods besides things such as Netflix.

Unfortunately for most, the only entertainment methods to be found were video games and online games. The reason why this is unfortunate is due to video games usually requiring strong hardware in order to run smoothly and provide an enjoyable experience. Most people lack that hardware and were therefore incapable of taking advantage.

Seeing this issue, there was one “hero” that nobody asked for that stepped in and formed most of its marketing around. Online casinos started swarming advertising platforms focusing on the fact that playing their online slots required almost no hardware and was, therefore, a person’s best entertainment choice.

Luckily for most people though, a very handy service had just been launched a few months ago but was facing issues nonetheless. Let’s focus on Nvidia GeForce, the main topic of the article.


Nvidia is one of the biggest game-streaming competitors to Google Stadia and Microsoft Projects xCloud. It has recently launched the GeForce, which lets you play PC video games with minimal effort on basically every device. The devices may be macOS, PC, and even Android devices. In order to understand some of the main patterns, we have to first talk about the pros and cons of GeForce.

The great advantage that it has over the competitors is they are the leading game streaming operator in the market. The GeForce Now is the service that can connect you to the existing game store accounts. Teh accounts include Epic, GoG, Steam, and Blizzard. The main benefit is that you are connected through the cloud server. This means that even if the service is off, you will still be able to keep your gameplay on your server and will not lose anything. The cloud enables you to save all of the respective carriers.

Another benefit of the service is that it is available both for free and paid as well. Each of them has a maximum of 1080p and 60 frames per second streaming. If you have a free account, the maximum time you will be able to play will be one hour. You might also be placed behind the others in the queue. The paid account will cost you $5 a month, which is still not much. With this account, you will be able to play for 6 hours at a time and you will also have the priority access on your streaming device.

Another additional perk of the service is that despite that some of the games are being removed, the games are also being added to the GeForce service on the weekly basis, which is very important for the players.


Now, while we have talked about the major benefits of the service lets talk about some of the disadvantages. It is a normal thing to be present. Every coin has two sides and some of the flows are accepted in almost every sector. They just don’t have to be major flows.

The biggest issue so far with Nvidia’s GeForce is the access to the accounts. According to some recent reviews, the customers are very upset with the loss of access to their accounts. This is very important especially during this period. The majority of customers are sitting at homes and are enjoying their gameplay while having absolutely 0 other things to do.

Indeed, as mentioned before the online industries and especially the esports industry has its moment right now. It is the moment to shine and flourish. Many people will address esports and online gaming in a short period as well. And having flows like losing access to the account can cause some serious misconceptions between the customer and the service.

The case has been discussed publicly, and the issue is more or less addressed. The main reason for the loss of access to the accounts is the high demand from the costumers’ side. The demand and supply are two key factors in any industry and business. If any of the rations does not match the second one the business is most likely going to fail at least unless everything is fixed. In this case, the GeForce looks like having exactly the same issue. While the demand is very high, the service is not ready to deliver such high supply in a very short period of time. But, thankfully the issue can be fixed and the company is working on this already.


The top priority for every company is to have satisfied and happy customers. If there are happy customers, there come more customers, but if the customers are upset and are not satisfied it is not very hard to find an alternative in the market.

The online industry is increasing and many companies might tackle the same issue as Nvidia very soon. This is due to the increased number of customers in the market and the lack of being prepared for the massive customer wave. If the servers are not ready to accept the increased demand for the product, some of the companies might be left out in a shade.

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