StaySafe has now been released for both Android and iPhone users, however the app now offers a little bit of a tracking twist.

The app now assists those walkers who enjoy venturing out at midnight for a drink or two with a special feature allowing the user to set a timer and a contact so that if you don’t check in before the clock runs out it will email or text your location to a friend, and keep doing so after your battery dies too. Also on offer is a panic button to trigger this in an instant, but perhaps most interesting is the ability to send an emergency text to a contact just by typing a “duress PIN” into your phone’s lock screen.

The nifty little app is a must have for walkers, teenagers and clubbers due to the safety aspect and abilities the app has for its users.

The app launched on iPhone back in December, but it’s just been released in the Google Play Store for phones running Android 4.0 and up.

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