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Jabra are an up and coming consumer audio brand, having branched off from professional audio solutions. Jabra are not entirely new to us, we’ve taken a look at a few products in the past such as the Bluetooth stereo headphones and the premium REVO headphones, both of which had a great design, however app wasn’t particularly good and tied you down to if it you wished to make the most from the headphones. Today we are looking at yet another wireless product from them, the Jabra Solemate Mini Bluetooth speaker.

More and more devices are becoming wireless, no thanks to the latest low power Bluetooth version and more energy efficient batteries. Jabra have been quick to jump on the portable speaker train to product one of their smallest and most powerful speakers yet. We’ve had a fair few portable speakers in to review so it will be interesting to see how it stands in a very soon-to-be crowded market.

Before I take a look at the speaker, let’s just have a quick peek at the specs:

  • Connectivity

    • Wireless Technology: Bluetooth
      Supports Bluetooth™ for wireless connectivity
    • Bluetooth version: 3.0
      Supports Bluetooth® version 3.0
    • AVRCP: No
      This device does not support AVRCP, meaning you cannot control your music directly from the device
    • NFC Near Field Communications – Perimeter Pairing: Yes
      Near Field Communications (NFC) or Perimeter Pairing is an easy pairing functionality that connects two devices that are in close proximity to each other.
    • Music Streaming: Yes
      Device can stream music from a source, such as a Smartphone, Bluetooth enabled laptop, tablet, or MP3 player
  • Speakers

    • Frequency Response: Hifi
      Speakers with a hifi frequency sound produce a sound range well suited for realistic sound reproduction, e.g. Music
    • Digital Signal Processing: Yes
      Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is a technology that digitally optimizes your voice and music and suppresses echoes
  • Microphone

    • Microphone Type: Omni Directional/noise filter
      Enhances call clarity by eliminating background noise from the office.
    • Mute function: Yes
      Mute gives you the option to mute/unmute the microphone directly on the device
  • Battery & Power

    • Talk Time: Up to 8 hours
      Talk Time is the maximum time you can talk before a device runs out of power
    • Music streaming time: 8 hours
      Music Streaming Time is the maximum time you can stream music before a device runs out of power
    • USB Charging: Yes
      USB Charging enables a device to be charged via a USB cable
  • Design

  • Weight: 295 grams
  • Length: 125mm
  • Width: 53mm
  • Depth: 60mm

As you can see the Solemate mini has some fairly impressive features like the 8 hour battery life, crammed inside a small shell. Let’s take a look.


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