Technology is a force for good in the modern world and has enabled society to develop in a positive way. For example, mobile connectivity enables people to stay in touch or get help in an emergency, wherever they may be. Businesses have also benefited from using the latest tech, such as video calls and cloud computing. Of course, online tech is at the heart of modern life and this is certainly true for how we all like to stay entertained in our spare time now.

As well as catching up on social media or streaming the latest music, lots of us love to play casino games over the internet. This has led to the global online casino sector blossoming over recent years and generating multi-billions in revenue per annum. As well as the cool online casinos you can now game at and the convenience they offer, the range of fun games to play online is a big draw. Slots are a great example and are exciting, simple to understand and available in numerous themes.

But what are the best tips for finding the safest internet slots to enjoy?

Do your research online beforehand

Knowledge is power, and this is certainly true when trying to find the safest online slots. So, how can you take this idea and make it work for you? The best way is to conduct thorough research on any slot game or site you may wish to play at before risking any money.

There are a huge number of games and iGaming platforms currently available. As a result, you should ensure that you properly check any out any games or platforms you intend to use in advance to ensure they are safe. has more information to help you carry out your due diligence and stay secure. In addition to this, you may can also look at the latest cybersecurity tech, such as the Bitdefender security box, to help make your online slot sessions even safer.

Look for regulated platforms to game on

It is easy to make the effort to conduct research as above, but you need to know what to be on the lookout for. When it comes to the online casino you will play slots at, regulation is paramount. Choosing an online casino which is licenced by a top body like the UK Gambling Commission ensures that the site you play at is fair and that it is safe to play slots at.

Playing games like this at an unlicenced site is best avoided because it leaves you open to being scammed or for the slot games to be rigged through crooked random number generation. In addition to regulation, look for somewhere to play which uses the latest encryption software and SSL tech. This will help keep your money and personal details safe when trying out the latest slots.

Play slots from top developers

As the May 2021 MSI Afterburner incident showed, online security is no joke. While the platform you play on is key, it is obvious that the slots you play have a big impact too. A good tip is to look for slots from the top developers in the industry, such as Playtech, Microgaming or NetEnt.

Companies such as these are well-established and have built a proven track record of fair, safe games over many years. Games from these top studios can be trusted and enjoyed in safety. Although there are perfectly legitimate new studios releasing games all the time, sticking with the big names is a quick and easy way to protect yourself online.

Look for independent verification of return to player (RTP) statistics

We have already mentioned that it is vital to only play at regulated sites who have been licenced by well-known industry bodies. In addition to this, it is also a good idea to look for slots which have been independently verified by bodies like eCOGRA. This ensures that key metrics provided by game makers, such as the RTP figure, are realistic.

Without independent verification of games, you never truly know if things like RTP figures are true. In terms of gaining an independent view on safe slots to play, you could also search gaming forums or game reviews on the internet for more information.

Safe online slots are a must for players

The latest cybercrime stats for 2021 in the UK make for pretty alarming reading. It is not just businesses which need to be careful though – anyone who uses the internet is a potential target. This is certainly true when playing slot games at online casinos. It really putting the above tips into action, so you can find safe and fair slots to enjoy.

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