Established back in 1998, PayPal is easily among the internet age’s best-known brands. Offering unparalleled ease of use and security, it was quickly favoured for online shopping, especially for shopping on eBay. Additionally, it was a safer payment method when compared to credit cards, cash, or checks.

Today, it has evolved from its original model to become one of the most innovative payment services. PayPal allows people and companies around the world to send payments easily and securely with just a couple of clicks. It has apps for both Android and iOS as well as a web app.

PayPal is also the company behind Venmo, the money sharing app.

It has over 361 million active accounts and the average account makes at least 40 transactions per calendar year. PayPal has a presence in 200 countries and in many countries is the most popular option for sending money abroad.

As anyone can see, its popularity keeps increasing through the years. 87.5% of all online buyers use PayPal. It is the most popular payment option on the Internet currently.

With it, security on the platform has also gotten better. All transaction data is 128-bit encrypted while server checks are performed to ensure users have an approved, certified browser.

Financial information such as credit card numbers are hidden from everyone including the merchant. In a world where online safety and privacy are in danger, PayPal offers online buyers a safe mode of payment.

Users can use two factor authentication to ensure each transaction is safer. This can be done by enabling the SecurityKey feature. With this feature, you will be sent a security code that must be entered every time you log in.

In the event of a leak or exposure of usernames and passwords, two factor authentication can save your financial information.

Online payments remain its most popular use. One can easily send money to friends and family with just an email address.

You will have to sign up to PayPal and register your card details or bank account details with the account. Users can then use the Send and Request Money option to send payments. The payment will be transferred to the recipient’s PayPal account.

When shopping online, if the merchant has listed the PayPal option, you can use your account to pay through PayPal. Select PayPal at checkout, login to your account and complete the payment. Your financial information is never divulged to the seller at any point.

Receiving a payment is equally easy. Give your email address and payments will be transferred to your account. You will be notified through push notifications if you have the app or an email.

The money is credited to your virtual PayPal balance. You can either use it or withdraw it to your bank account.

PayPal now has many more ways for easier payments.

        The PayPal mobile app allows contactless payments at many physical stores.

        The PayPal Cash Card is a MasterCard debit card that can be used as you would a normal debit card.

        A PayPal credit card in collaboration with Synchrony Bank.

        Since 2020, users can also buy and sell crypto.

In recent years, PayPal’s quick, secure, and private transactions have also seen it become popular for playing online slots.

After all, it’s an easy to access virtual wallet that you can use to send payments. Like all transactions, your card details are hidden from casinos adding additional security to your transactions

As mentioned above, to make a transfer to an online casino, you will have to create a PayPal account. Once you are registered, you can top up your wallet with your credit card or bank account.

After you have added real money, you can move your money to your favourite online slot sites. However, this only applies if the sites accept PayPal as a form of payment. You can find further information on the best PayPal casino sites over on

Many reasons make PayPal ideal for playing and paying online slots.

The main benefit is that you can make online payments without repeatedly adding your banking details.

You also maintain complete privacy. Using a credit card will require sending sensitive financial information. PayPal doesn’t.

The only information the merchant or recipient sees is the account name and the amount sent. Bank account details, credit card numbers and other sensitive information are not shared.

Secondly, your PayPal account can be accessed on multiple sites and devices, from laptops and PCs to your smartphone.

Another little discussed factor is that PayPal’s terms and conditions require that a casino is fully licensed. Therefore, if a casino has PayPal as a payment option, rest assured it is a fully regulated website.

Although they are now a wider range of payment options such as Bitcoin, and Litecoin, etc. it’s easy to understand why PayPal is your best option to play online gaming slots. There are no concerns regarding cyber-security issues and it overall simplifies the buying and selling process online.


On the downside, not all online casinos currently accept PayPal. However, this list is growing smaller as more and more casinos sign up.

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