A lot of Xbox owners have been reporting issues with Xbox Live recently. They are complaining that they aren’t able to connect to the server in order to get online. A hacker group called Lizard Squad indicated on Twitter that they are the reason for this issue.

Yesterday morning it appears that Xbox users have been having issues with an 80151909 error code. It warns that an Xbox Live profile has failed to download. It’s not just on the console either as users can’t even log into their Microsoft Xbox.com accounts.

The Lizard Squad have said they are planning for a much larger attack over Christmas, and this was just a test of what they could do. Earlier this year, the group also claimed responsibility for the attack on the Playstation Network, as well as denying players access to games like GTA5, Destiny and League of Legends.

Be careful with your gaming accounts as hackers seem determined to target an audience that holds a lot of its personal information online. I tell you one thing, they better not mess my Christmas gaming experience otherwise I’m going to have to find them and do some Liam Neeson type moves on them.

Have you been hacked before? What type of experiences have you had like this? Let us know in the comments.


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