AMD Piledriver FX-4350, FX-6350 & FX-8350 Review


Brand: AMD
Model: Piledriver FX-4350, FX-6350 & FX-8350
RRP FX-4350: £95 (At time of the review)
RRP FX-6350: £105 (At time of the review)
RRP FX-8350: £155 (At time of the review)

I am going to be taking a look at AMDs latest “Piledriver” line-up to see how they fare in todays review. I will be taking a look at the top of the line components from the four, six and eight core lines. Whilst this review will definitely demonstrate how much extra performance the extra cores offer over their smaller siblings when a heavily multithreaded application is being used, it will also demonstrate how well the additional cores scale. For example, going from a four core to an eight core CPU will not deliver a 100% improvement in performance. AMD had the best scaling in the Phenom II days. Since then, they haven’t been able to get the cores to scale quite as well although the reason for that is unclear to me.

AMD have been playing catch-up with Intel for a long time now. Are they finally beginning to close the gap in terms of IPC (Instructions Per Cycle) and performance in general? In order to find out, I will be using a mid-ranged Intel Core i5-3570K to see how well the AMD CPUs stack up against Intel’s “mid-range” processor. The reason for this is simple and that is the i5-3570Ks price point. Whilst it is more expensive when compared to the AMD offerings, it is a quad core with four threads which should in theory make the FX-8350 shine in heavily multithreaded applications. However, will that be the case? Or will Intel still lead the way even though it has half the number of cores?

AMD have a pretty longwinded features and specifications list so without further ado, let’s examine the specs and then get started with the review.

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