Fugoo Sport Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review


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As my time with the Fugoo sport comes to an end and I get time to reflect on the experience I find myself torn. I certainly don’t have the experience within this price range to judge the Fugoo against its peers, so I can only comment on its merits and flaws. I have found myself more and more comparing it against desktop and free-standing speakers to try to find something that matches it in terms of clarity power and for such a diminutive device it performs favourably. The rich deep tones unaffected by highs and a resounding base all make the ideal package that shouldn’t be available in such a small unit.

Scoring points with me is the interchangeability of the jacket options, from the Style that sits quite nicely on a desk or coffee table to the Sport that sits quite nicely on the handlebars of your downhill bike and with the IP67 rating coming from the core itself and not the jacket you’re not limiting your options when you choose which one suites your needs.

Some may say it’s a bit gimmicky, but scoring points with me also is the voice prompt system including the “Battery is about three-quarters” that I find so reassuring before going out with the speaker. Since a 3/4 battery equates to around 30 hours (40 hours being the full charge) I can easily tell if it’s likely to fail on me during my travels. Don’t like the ‘Radio Guy’ voice prompt? Well, you can change it to an ‘Aussie Girl’ with a firmware update, which is pretty awesome from a customisation point of view.

Fugoo Speaker with accessories

Sufficient thought has also been put into the accessories which are nice to see; from tangle-free cables to a gold-plated audio lead that you’ll probably never even use – all the angles are covered.

The Fugoo is the definition of a lifestyle product, one that you buy into at quite the hefty price, but from once you get started you have the cheaper option of adding Jackets to match your needs without having to buy a whole new speaker which should balance the prices and you still get exceptional audio. And it’s not just looks that change, or the audio voice prompt, there is a range of clips, mounts and other accessories to match your requirements in addition to a remote control that you wear as a watch to make this a truly one-for-all speaker.

For a product that ticks all the boxes with the only negative point being the cost of your first purchase it’s time to consider whether or not the Fugoo Sport is worthy of any awards, and after some consideration it comes away with the performance award as well as the design award. Getting six powerful speakers in a tiny and truly portable package while also allowing a heck of a lot of customisation and good looks all count in its favour.



Thank you Fugoo for the opportunity to explore the speaker with its Sport and Style Jackets.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



  • Small and portable
  • Customisable skins, extra accessories and interchangeable voice prompts
  • Great sound with no obvious missing areas
  • long 40 hour battery life with voice prompt to tell you current charge
  • Con:

  • Expensive to start off, but if you sign up to the idea then the extra skins and accessories balance out the price
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