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First up we have the packaging of the Groovez ZIP. Purple and black is certainly a change from the usual black and red everything appears to ship with now. The zip nature of the earphones is clearly visible through the packaging.

The packaging itself doesn’t have much to say about the ZIP with a very brief feature breakdown.

Same again on the rear of the packaging with a short and sweet specifications table and product description available in every language under the sun.

Cracking the ZIP out of the packaging we can get a real feel for the cabling itself. First impressions is that they certainly look cool.

Fairly standard earbud and driver housing.

The cylindrical inline control that sits between the usual ‘flat’ anti-tangle cable and the zip element of the earphones leaves the ZIP un-cohesive aesthetically.

As above, it’s a shame Groovez didn’t stick with the zip aesthetics all the way through the design.

Last but not least is the zipper branded with a simple Groovez logo.

The Groovez doesn’t ship with any accessories to speak of – not even changeable earbuds which seems odd given the usability angle pushed by the rather out there tangle free cable.

The ZIP certainly appears to be a no frills but solid tangle free set of earphones, then. Does the the no frills approach carry over to the aural execution?


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