KitSound Manhattan Wireless Headphones Review 2

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Manufacturer: KitSound
Model: Manhattan Wireless Headphones (Special Edition)
UK Price: £29.99 (At the time of review)
US Price: from $49.04 (At the time of review)

When we talk about headphones, there are a tonne of possibilities… colour, open or closed, on-ear or over the ear, stereo or surround, gaming or audiophile, so where to start? What do you look for to help you choose something that is as personal as any piece of clothing because you want them to be comfortable, convenient and of course you want the sound to be spot on. You might also want them to look good and that’s a lot of boxes to try to tick, especially if you are shopping in a budget.

Today I have a pair of headphones that definitely tick the ‘look good’ box. The KitSound Manhattan Wireless Headphones are a lightweight option and the Special Edition that I have in front of me are rather attractive in black with rose gold accents. They can receive a signal either through a wired connection or via Bluetooth so whatever you play music on you should be able to use them, but would you want to?

Kitsound Manhattan BT Headset

As I have said in a previous review, KitSound doesn’t really like to blow their own trumpet and have very little information about themselves on their website other than being British engineers who are passionate about music. Instead, they let their products do the talking and those products have received numerous awards from a variety of sources.

So, what else does this particular product bring to the party apart from looking good? Here’s a look at the features and specifications before we take a closer look at the Manhattan headphones themselves.


  • Bluetooth and in-line connectivity
  • Up to 18 hours play time, 30 hours talk time
  • Call-handling
  • Volume Control
  • Available in a range of colours (Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, White)


Bluetooth Profile: Headset, handsfree, A2DP, AVRCP
Bluetooth: V4.0+edr, Class 2
Frequency Response: 40 Hz – 20kHz
Battery Type: Li-Po, rechargeable
Standby Time: Up to 300 hours
Pack Contents: Charging cable, KitSound Manhattan Over-Ear Headphones With Mic, 3.5mm to micro USB audio cable, user manual.

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