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Closer Look

Taking a look at the KitSound Manhattan starts as usual with the packaging, and this Special Edition version shows the headset on a gold background with just a few of the features highlighted.

Kitsound Manhattan BT Headset box front

Around the back, the box is black with more of the features and specifications shown in white text.

Kitsound Manhattan BT Headset box rear

Repeated on both narrow sides of the box is the backstory behind the name of the headphones.

Kitsound Manhattan BT Headset box side

Inside the box, we get a look at the headset itself as well as the bundled cables and paperwork. One cable in particular looks interesting, it’s a micro USB to three-pin 3.5mm jack. The Manhattan has a padded headband without any decoration and only features the subtle KitSound logo which is printed in a rose gold colour; the colour continues on to a band around each cup as well as the metal size adjustment mechanism giving a contrasting accent to the black that covers the rest of the headset.

Kitsound Manhattan BT Headset contents

The features and controls for the headset are all located on one ear cup, from left to right they are: microphone, playback/volume/call handling button, dual colour LED indicator and Bluetooth on/off switch. You can also see the wire connecting each half is nicely braided to offer some protection as well as the leather style covering for the pads and headband.


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