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Manufacturer: House of Marley
Model: Uplift
RRP: £40

House of Marley are back in the Play3r suite again, this time with their Uplift in-ear headphones. House of Marley’s pursuit of responsible production and packaging seek to emulate the late great Bob Marley’s world peace ideals with proceeds from their products going to 1Love – a global movement dedicated to supporting youth, planet and peace. We previously covered the Marley Chant Bluetooth speaker which was perhaps a touch expensive and also came with some egregious excess’ that didn’t really fit in with the House of Marley idea. However, the Uplift earphones appear on the surface to be a more focused and well rounded package.


  • FSC certified sapele wood
  • Recyclable bead-blasted aluminium
  • 8 mm high-performance micro speaker
  • Tangle-free, durable fabric cable with 3 button microphone
  • 2 year warranty

What House of Marley say about the Uplift earphones:

Made with earth-friendly materials, Uplift is comfortable, slick, and composed of recyclable aluminum and FSC certified sapele or beech wood. The logo is machined out of the aluminium chassis and then bead blasted or tumbled for an aged effect and added durability.

At an RRP of £40 the Marley Uplift earphones aren’t prohibitively expensive and are competitively priced with other earphones on the market that sport voice functionality – surprising as you’re more likely to be charged more for products that are trying to make a conscious decision. It should be worth noting that the voice control functions only work completely with Apple’s devices. On the surface it appears that the Uplift sits in a  more favourable position than the Chant did in our speaker round-up, and with that said let’s take a closer look at the Uplift package…



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