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Japan and electronics go hand in hand like bread in butter so it’s of no surprise that some of the biggest technological giants hail from the place that brought you sushi.  One particular company that springs to mind is Toshiba, who formed in 1939 (same year World War II officially started).  In terms of revenue, they took 6.2 trillion Japanese Yen in 2012; although not as much as it sounds, it’s still a large amount.  With divisions in America, Asia/Pacific, China and Europe, they have the technology world covered all over and can be considered one of the leading global companies on the market.

Obviously here at Play3r, we aren’t as interested in televisions or other products as much as we are computer components and this year has been an exciting year for Toshiba in terms of storage products.  In January Toshiba completed its takeover of OCZ Storage Solutions which caused a few ripples in the tech world.  With that being said, we aren’t looking at SSDs today but we are of course taking a look at a storage solution from Toshiba; namely the STOR.E Basics 500GB External HDD which features a USB 3.0 interface and comes in a very compact casing (HDD is 2.5” in size).

With external storage being a relatively large market these days, how will the Toshiba STOR.E Basics 500GB External USB 3.0 HDD do in our tests?  Only one way to find out, on with the review…

What Toshiba has to say about the STOR.E Basics 500GB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive:


Quickly transfer files with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and store up to 2 TB of data on STOR.E BASICS external drives. Easy to use and backward compatible with USB 2.0, STOR.E BASICS external drives are ready to use with Microsoft Windows with no software installation required.


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