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Manufacturer: NudeAudio
Model: SuperM
Price: £79 (at time of review) @ NudeAudio directly.

Today I will be taking a look at the SuperM from NudeAudio. This is their newest product to market and is built on the success of the Move M. The Super M is boasted to come “with four full-range drivers using Neodymium magnets and two passive subwoofers for a portable package “blasts phenomenal sound”. The orientation of the six drivers creates true 360-sound that fills a space with rich, natural audio no matter where you stand”.

The SuperM is a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled, Lithium-Ion battery powered, waterproof to IPX5 and Speakerphone all-in-one package. It comes packaged in a plain but understated looking box which contains the protective plastic shell protecting the speaker itself. It also comes packed with a quick start guide and USB charging cable. Does the SuperM deliver a great experience in a neat and tidy package? Let’s find out…

Before we find out let’s quickly see what NudeAudio have to say about the SuperM:

  • 4 full range Neodymium drivers
  • 2 passive subwoofers
  • True 360-degree sound
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • High capacity 8hr Lithium-Ion battery
  • Speakerphone
  • Small enough to fit in the back pocket of your jeans
  • Water, sand and snow proof
  • Shockproof high-grade silicone sleeve and grab and go cord
  • Surprisingly simple Bluetooth interaction

NudeAudio announces the next game-changing product in their mission to make premium audio experiences accessible to everyone. Super-M, the wireless, Bluetooth-enabled speaker, boasts true 360-degree-sound from six drivers secured in a shockproof and waterproof design, priced at a cool $99.

Building on the success of the Move M, Super-M pairs the freedom of a grab-and-go size speaker with the best possible sound on the market. The enhanced acoustics and versatile, protected shape of this premium speaker ensure high-fidelity audio anywhere, anytime.

“As with any of our products, NudeAudio’s ‘anti-feature’ policy means we strip away all unnecessary features and focus our cost on the essence of the product. We want to put all the money into the acoustics,” Peter Riering-Czekalla, Chief Design Officer explains.

The Super-M is packed with four full-range drivers using Neodymium magnets and two passive subwoofers for a portable package that blasts phenomenal sound. The orientation of the six drivers creates true 360-degree sound that fills a space with rich, natural audio no matter where you stand, dance, or relax. “The intent of this project was to build the world’s best sounding speaker that fits into the back pocket of your jeans,” says Chief Executive Officer, Tom Dudderidge.

“The Anti-Feature policy also allowed us to provide a surprisingly simple, intuitive Bluetooth interaction,” Riering-Czekalla adds. “Too often Bluetooth products are complicated and confusing to use.”

High-tech meets highly protected. Waterproof, sandproof, and snowproof, the Super-M’s rugged, yet sleek package shields the components inside for ultimate peace of mind. Super-M’s rounded shape and soft, silicon sleeve keep this speaker shock protected and carefree. Enjoy days at the beach or travels up the mountain without worry over sandy, wet conditions.

Use the cord to grab the speaker in an instant and hang it anywhere. Roam independent from outlets with eight hours of battery life and recharge at home with the included USB cable. Due to popular demand, the Super-M also includes speakerphone functionality for hands-free calling.

Making premium speakers at high prices is easy, but providing high-quality audio at accessible prices is NudeAudio’s mission. NudeAudio maintains this promise by focusing their efforts on audio performance, not features to increase perceived value. The simple design and reliable construction keep their products cost-effective free of frivolous, status-inducing advertising that drives up the price paid by customers.

About NudeAudio:

We’re on a mission to make premium audio experiences accessible to everyone.

Rather than adding lots of features to increase perceived value, we focus our money on the acoustics. We keep the products simple to make the construction reliable and cost effective. We defer from spending lots of advertising dollars to create status symbols and then charge the cost to the consumer.

We focus on the essence of our products and strip everything else away. That’s why we are NudeAudio.


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