SteelSeries Siberia V2 Review


Brand: SteelSeries
Model(s): Siberia V2 Heat Orange, Siberia V2 Frost Blue
Where to buy: Heat, Frost

SteelSeries is a company with a fine gaming reputation, offering some of the finest peripherals such as the Ikari mouse. SteelSeries was founded by two people who saw a need in the market to provide enthusiasts and professionals alike with high grade gaming equipment. SteelSeries has now grown into one of the largest peripheral manufacturers worldwide with many of their products being used within eSports teams of various games.

With me today I have the latest themes of the famous Siberia V2 headset, the models being “Frost” and “Heat”. This headset has been recognised by many to be very capable and perfect for gamers. The Siberia has been adopted for use by several eSport teams including team EG and Fnatic. The Heat model was designed by and with team Fnatic, and as such it follows their colour scheme.

In my review today I’ll look at how it performs for all purposes including gaming, voice communication, music, and finally movies.


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