Tesoro Olivant A2 Pro Gaming Headset Review


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Now we will begin to conclude our findings and time we have spent with the Olivant A2 Pro gaming headset by Tesoro to let you know what we think overall.


Before I start to delve into each individual portion in the typical conclusion part of our review I would like to begin by saying this. Tesoro has set a new benchmark for in performance for low-mid level headsets. I say this after a long duration of usage and more than happy to disclose why I am coming to this conclusion.

The build quality of the headset is excellent, although I am not too much of a fan when it comes to using plastics over drivers, with no bad cuts or unshaven mold lines. The plastic and metal finish fits in great with this headset and detailing finishes off the overall look, which is stunning.

The performance, as mentioned earlier in our review, is excellent and shows off the capabilities Tesoro has in this department. Bass is deep, every note is crisp and vocals are astounding. No reverb or too much bass, everything seems to be at that perfect mid level that fits for all songs without adjustments being needed.

The comfort is very much acceptable for a long duration. The headband, probably being the only thing comfort wise that will loose this headset any points, could do with a little extra padding but the automatic fitting feature is very useful. The earcups sit comfortably and still allow my hears to breath, preventing any late hour ear sweat.

So as you can see from this information, if this quality and performance can be put into a headset that is int he same price range as low-mid level headsets then there is no excuse for the R&D departments for other manufacturers to not offer similar guidelines for overall excellence. As mentioned at the beginning of this review, Tesoro focuses their attention to detail within the Research & Development team they have behind their products so personally, I believe that if some companies out there are capable of pulling off something as good as the Olivant A Pro on a fairly acceptable and popular budget then other manufacturers need to look at what they are doing now to further their own capabilities. Simply put, this headset has set a new industry standard for general performance on a tight price.


Moving on from this, I am extremely happy to have experienced a headset like the Olivant A2 Pro and use it to its full potential. The immersion in game is excellent, noise cancelling outstanding and comfort overall pleasing. After about 6 hours of intense competitive gaming, I was still left with a smile on my face over how well the Olivant A2 Pro delivered. For any gamers out there, potentially gaming on a budget, we have found what you need to get the ball rolling and still look pretty darn cool with a stealth like matt black gaming headset on your head.

On a final note, I would like to award the Tesoro Olivant A2 Pro gaming headset the Play3r Value award for excellence in performance but mainly offering such a package on a tight price range. This allows those gamers out there a much better audio experience at only the fraction of the price you would need to spend.

The Play3r Gold Award

The Play3r Value Award

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Excellent value
– Great performance
– Headset looks and feels very well built


– The plastic casing around the drivers isnt to everyones taste and feels a little cheap
– Headband could do with extra padding

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