[section_title title=”Introduction”]Introduction

Manufacturer: Tt eSPORTS
Model: VERTO
Price: $79.99 (At time of review) 

Tt eSPORTS is a division of Thermaltake geared towards, yeah you guessed it, eSPORTS. Their goal is to bring gamers across the world together and help then enjoy a healthy addiction to gaming through their products. Mainly focusing on peripherals and some accessories Tt eSPORTS offers a great ranger of mice, keyboards – both mechanical and membrane and headsets. With their slogan ” Challenge is the game” behind the wheel and their Dragon Logo riding shotgun Tt eSPORTS are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to give gamer’s an edge in performance of their opponents.

Following on from my last Tt eSPORTS reviews on the POSEIDON Z mechanical keyboard and VENTUS ambidextrous gaming mouse, today I will be taking a look at the VERTO headset. The VERTO is one of the newest offerings from Tt eSPORTS and features a fold flat design with a removable cable offering the best in functionality and portability. One of the great things about it having a removable cable is the fact Tt eSPORTS have also included a more standard 3.5mm so users can enjoy the VERTO with their favourite mobile devices without having to have the extra cable for the microphone just dangling in the way.

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