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  • Brand: Corsair
  • Model: H80i 
  • Price: £69.99 (At time of review)

Corsair is a top manufacturer of PC hardware, accessories and peripherals. They are also known for their innovation and staying one step ahead of the competition. They have brought us the Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 which was one of the first cases to offer dual chambers to help keep better airflow. They also brought us the Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB keyboard which was the first mechanical keyboard to feature RGB backlighting. The fun doesn’t stop there though, over the years corsair have provided the best in RAM, power supplies, cases, peripherals and accessories and there really is just to many to name. With lines like Vengeance, Dominator and Gaming it really is of no wonder why Corsair have been a household name for so long and managed to stay ahead the pack.

Today I will be taking a look at one of their AIO CPU coolers by way of the Corsair Hydro Series H80i. This is a high performance liquid CPU cooler and comes equipped with 2x Corsair 120mm fans out of the box to mount onto the 120mm radiator for maximum cooling performance. The H80i also comes complete with built-in Corsair Link which requires no additional hardware in this case. Simply plug the USB header into your motherboard and download the software and then you will be able to monitor and adjust the cooling performance of the H80i right from your desktop.

Before we get into the review, let’s have a look at some more of the features:

Advanced Fan Design

The 120mm fans use custom-engineered blades for better static pressure to noise ratio, offering improved performance at lower noise levels.

Completely self-contained

Hydro Series H80i comes pre-filled, and never needs refilling or priming.

Tool-free multiplatform magnetic mounting bracket kit

The modular design makes installation simpler, and it’s compatible with Intel and AMD processors.

Large-diameter, low permeability tubing

Minimal coolant evaporation helps ensure long life, and the resilient material offers both high flexibility and excellent leak protection.

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