AeroCool XPredator Cube Case Review

[section_title title=Introduction]Introduction

  • Brand: AeroCool
  • Model: Xpredator Cube Case
  • Price:¬£68.99¬†(At time of review)

AeroCool Advanced Technologies was founded in 2001 and originally focused on thermal management in the industrial and personal computer sectors. Over the years they have grown and expanded and now offer a wide range of products like PC ¬†Chassis, power supplies, fans, accessories and even some peripherals. As with a lot of companies this day and age that are focused on manufacturing PC related products AeroCool also has a big focus on the PC Gaming community and it shows in a lot of their designs. AeroCool is focused on innovation and determined to do right by their customers and gamer’s alike worldwide.

Today I will be taking a look at one of their Chassis and a special one at that! Today I have the XPredator Cube Case. This chassis designed with a red, white and blue theme and has a nice big star right on the front of it for all to see. It features a 200mm front intake fan, 140mm rear exhaust fan and can accommodate radiators up to 280mm in the top of the case if you removing the 5.25″ optical drive bay.

There is no denying this case definitely has a nice look to it, so before we take a look at the technical specifications:


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