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BitFenix is focused on combining the latest advances in hardware with superior design to offer their customers the best experience possible. One of their latest cases, the Pandora, not only features an elegant and slim design but it also has a programmable display called the BitFenix ICON that will allow users to change the logo on the front of the case to almost anything they want by using a simple software interface. The fun doesn’t stop there though, BitFenix also have a wide range of accessories and premium modding products including their Spectre PRO LED fans, Alchemy LED strips and their Alchemy Cables which will allow users to leave their builds looking cleaner and give off the impression they have a top-notch modular power supply even if they don’t.

Over the years, BitFenix have given users a number of amazing PC chassis and one of the things I find most enjoyable is the fact they also have accessories for some of their chassis. For example, some of their cases come in windowed and non-windowed versions which is always nice but to top it all off, if you buy a non-windowed version and later decide you want the windowed, a lot of the time you can just buy the individual windowed side panel and replace just that one piece instead of having to buy a whole new case. Some of their cases also even have switchable front panels that can come in a number of different colour combinations allowing users to further customize their rigs without having to be a professional modder.

Today I will be taking a look at the Colossus M-ATX, which as the name suggests, is the younger and slimmer sister to the behemoth that is the original Colossus case. The Colossus M-ATX is designed for M-ATX motherboards but can also, of course, accommodate M-ITX as well, giving users a couple of options depending on their specific needs. Even with its smaller size the case still has some great options available, for cooling you will be able to either install up to 5 fans or you could install a 240mm radiator in the top (providing you don’t use a GPU) or a 120mm radiator in the rear. However, if data is more important to you than the Colossus M-ATX offers room for up to 4 x 3.5″ hard drives or 5 x 2.5″ hard drives, quite impressive for its size.


First Look





Everyone by now has heard of BitFenix haven’t they? They are a well-respected manufacturer of quality products and with this the colossus M-ATX earns its stripes alongside many others in the family line up.

The light bar looks and works fantastically well and I really, really like how it continues the colossus moniker following on from the original Colossus full ATX case. Remember with the options of off, red, blue, green and pulsing 3 way options there is a fine selection.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the soft touch plastic the Colossus M-ATX has on the front panel and top of the case. There is an obvious change between that and the metal side panels, but it is part and parcel of mixing metal and plastic on cases. It has a much better feel than normal plastic found on other cases, thumbs up for that one. The front panel also sports 5.25” and lower panel dust filter mesh to protect the power supply mounted facing forward as I did in this case.

A notable choice, however, to mount the motherboard on the reverse side of the case and not at the 90° angle like other manufacturers, notably Silverstone. As I presumed it would affect heat dissipation properties, heat rising and all, but very pleased to see excellent GPU and CPU temperatures with the included case fans and CPU cooler I selected for this review. It appears BitFenix R&D team are doing their job.

A couple notes I wish to add:

  • Installing a modular PSU will make contact with a GPU longer than 10″ in the first slot. It fits fine as you can see in the video review, but I felt it should be noted. Using a non-modular PSU will be fine as the cables come out one edge of the PSU case.
  • CrossfireX and Sli configurations can only be implemented providing you are happy to sacrifice having the 5.25″ tray removed. With it installed multi-card configurations are not possible.

Mounting the mechanical hard drive where I did also gave it some additional cooling so nothing to worry about there either, although, mounting it in the bottom of the case may have perhaps been better in hindsight as the case does come with the included magnetic heat shield.

You’ll be pleased to hear it is excellently crafted and well produced, leaving you safe in the knowledge the hardware you’ll fit inside will be safe and secure with excellent thermals and acoustics.

In terms of performance, there is plenty that can be done with the layout of this case. It comes as standard with 2x 120mm fans which can be positioned in 5 places all over the case. A nice touch considering that most case makers only provide a limited number of places for fans.  There is plenty of room to get a nice dual GPU m-ATX build going and even the option for a bit of water cooling or an AIO CPU cooler if that is your thing, not forgetting standard air coolers, obviously.

Finally moving on to value for money the case offers a lot for its asking price. Priced currently at £65, you are getting a case that not only offers customisation on the inside but a variety of colour from its light bar and the selection of colour on the outside.

A big thank you to BitFenix and OverclockersUK for sending the Colossus M-ATX to me for review and I very much look forward to seeing more from them in the future.




  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Nice overall design
– Good thermal performance
– Spacious inside
– Plenty of configurations for fans, CPU coolers and hard drives


– Limited cable management options
– Long GPU’s will have a tight fit with modular PSU’s
– 5.25″ bracket has potential to impede SLI and CFX with GPU’s 10″ long or more

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