SilverStone Raven RV05 Review 3

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SilverStone was originally founded in 2003 with a desire to provide products that create inspirations. SilverStone has since grown and expanded their product range and now also have distributions centres all over the world. They pride themselves on offering the best in quality and anyone that knows their products will know this and as such they have even created a couple of other brands. Raven by SilverStone is a brand that focuses on one a unique range of cases that offer great performance with their one of a kind aesthetics. SilverStone has put a lot of thought into the Raven brand of cases and as such they are designed to be one of a kind and are mostly black in colour and feature unique motherboard tray layouts to help keep thermal performance to a maximum.

Today I will be taking a look at the RV05 from SilverStone’s Raven brand. The RV05 features a revolutionary 90 degree motherboard mounting that originally comes from the RV01, a decent sized windowed side panel to allow users to show off their build inside and the exterior aesthetic is all about sharp lines and angles. With its unique design to help improve airflow and thermal temperatures the RV05 also comes equipped with two 180mm fans in the bottom to help get that air moving right out of the top of the case.

Before we get into all the fun let’s take a quick look at my first look at the RV05:

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