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Since 2003 Cooltek have offered high quality products at reasonable prices. Their main focus is on their high quality PC case range in which they always try to make sure users are enjoying the best in functionality, design and quality per the price range of each individual case. The offer a nice range of Midi, HTPC and their award-winning family of CoolCube cases. The fun doesn’t stop there though, they also offer some accessories in the way of fans and dust guards alongside a few CPU coolers.

Today I will be taking a look at one of their newest cases from the Midi range in the form of the Antiphon Airflow. As the name would suggest this case is made to add better airflow to an already stunning case, the Antiphon. The Antiphone Airflow can accommodate ATX, M-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards. It also comes equipped with 3 x 120mm as standard and features 3 x 5.25″ drive bays with quickly removable faceplates for users looking to install a few hotswap drive bays. It has a maximum height of 445mm and can fit graphics cards up to 320mm in length.

Before we get into the fun part of the review lets see what Cooltek have to say about the Antiphone Airflow followed by a specs list:

The antiphon Airflow we expand our portfolio with an optimized for maximum air throughput of our popular mid-tower. The antiphon Airflow is of course silenced and has a high quality front in MESH Design. The chassis of the antiphon remains unchanged.Antiphon The Airflow provides the usual extensive features with practical detail solutions, one would not expect in this price range. The housing is designed for lovers of quiet and powerful PC systems and lined with a total of 1.25 kg Special-insulating material. In connection with the decoupled mounting of hard drives and power supply, the use of special vibration-decoupled case feet and the use of exceptionally smooth case fans (max. 1,000 U / min) the insulation ensures that virtually no noise from the housing interior can escape. The Front housing is completely made of fine steel-MESH. In the upper part three 5.25 “bays, see the installation of optical drives.

Sales package includes also a Adaterrahmen for installation of external 3.5 “drives is included. The lower area is home to a dust filter that is particularly easy to remove and clean. Behind rotate two 120 mm fans for better ventilation of the case. At the top of the front is . the I / O panel with 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, as well as the mandatory audio ports The inner workings of the antiphon Airflow can totally convincing two HDD cages are available:., the bottom can with four 3.5 “HDD to be fitted, the upper cage occupies four 2.5” HDD / SSD. An equally simple as ingenious rail system makes installation a breeze. The support rails are simply plugged in to verbauende hard left and right, this will then together with rails pushed into the corresponding slot. Due to the integrated decoupling resulting vibrations are absorbed largely. antiphon In Airflow can be so easily graphic cards with a maximum length of about 320 mm block. CPU Coolers to 160 mm height refer to the Midi-Tower Place.

The Antiphon Airflow thus is the perfect base for a high performance gaming system or a particularly quiet workstation. ‘s ventilation system of the antiphon is designed to provide best cooling performance with minimum noise. Three super silent 120 mm fan is already included;besides the already mentioned fans in the front, another on the back cover is attached.The PCI slot covers are perforated for a particularly efficient ventilation of the housing.Final, another 120 mm fan on the enclosure floor. Dust filters in the front and under the ground to prevent the suction of dust particles into the housing interior. Antiphon The Airflow offers rubberized cable guides at strategic positions in the motherboard tray to allow a tidy as possible inside. Annoying cables can be quickly and easily embarrassed. The PSU is mounted in the “Airflow” below, appropriate, provided with dust filters air intakes are available to allow the intake of fresh outside air.


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