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Closer Look – Packaging

As per normal we are going to start by looking at the packaging. Cooltek have decided to go with a similar packaging to what we saw with the U2, a brown cardboard box with illustrations and text. On the front of the box we can see that Cooltek have put an illustration of what the case will look like from a diagonal side on view. I have to say that the illustration is a pretty good representation of the product inside. Along the top of the box we also have the Cooltek and Jonsbo branding, as well as the W1 model number. At the bottom we have some information stating that it is an Mini-ITX format chassis.


Moving around to the rear of the box,we can see an exploded illustration of the chassis itself where there are a few things to note. First off is that the panels are not attached to the chassis via thumbscrews, they are attached via a series of small pillars which push into points around the frame of the chassis that hold the panels on. As we would normally expect with a chassis, the front panel, as well as both the side panels, are removable. However, the W1 also has a removable roof panel.

The main reason for this is ease of installation for hardware due to the orientation of the motherboard. However, it is also capable of mounting a radiator on this panel, so makes installing said radiator a very easy process indeed. Another point that caught my eye was the inclusion of two 140mm fans as standard, this should supply a great deal of airflow and cooling to a small chassis, but we will look into that in further detail later on.


Both sides of the box for the W1 feature the same information. As we can see below, we have a specifications list, the same as that on the previous page in English, French and German. We can also see that the W1 comes in two style options, window and non-window, with three colour options available for each.


Upon opening the box, we can see that there are two large pieces of soft foam which are securely holding the chassis itself in place. We also have a full colour instruction booklet that is fully illustrated and in a number of languages. Lastly we have a small box which holds all of the fittings that you will need to secure the motherboard, hard drives etc.


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