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It may be small, but the RM1 is brimming with top end hardware potential; that is of course until you come to the cooling situation. You need to take into consideration that your power supply of choice is going to be mounted right across the middle of the motherboard, most usually where the CPU cooler is designed to sit. This could pose problems if you are trying to run an Intel Core i7 5960x inside of such a mini ATX tower case. One couldn’t blame you from wanting to put such top of the line hardware inside as in all honesty, the RM1 looks like a million dollars with its elegant design, smooth U shaped design and of course, that stunning black aluminium finish! That being said, CPU coolers with a height up to 95mm are compatible inside the RM1 so if you have a larger cooler, it isn’t going to fit I’m afraid!

With the major pitfall out of the way, the Jonsbo RM1 or Cooltek RM1 (whichever suits you) has a fully aluminium design with a really peculiar ideology; ATX in an m-ITX side chassis. Does this work? You bet it does and I actually love the concept, but not only that, the RM1 is absolutely gorgeous. Aside from the cracking finish, the structure is pretty solid and with it being constructed ALL from aluminium, it’s rather lightweight at 2.6Kg weight without anything installed into it.

The included toggle switch fan controller is quite a nifty idea too with pretty much everything regarding the RM1 being focused on being compact. Although not quite small form factor, this is as small as you are going to get for an ATX case and if it were up to us, our ideal system would consist of an mATX motherboard, nicely powerful quad core CPU and either 1 x behemoth graphics card or 2 x fairly decent ones in SLI; bearing in mind of course that this case doesn’t contain a window.

At a pretty respectable price of £78 on Amazon UK currently, these aren’t what you would call “widely available” at the moment, so pricing is going to be a little hit and miss. Given the design, the features and of course the ‘small design, larger price’ ethos, it isn’t bad all things considered. If the bespoke look and of course small ATX mini is your thing, there isn’t a lot on the market to cater to your needs and this may be the perfect chassis for you; but for those not looking for anything fancy, there is a lot of choice to go with currently.

Would we buy the Jonsbo RM1? – Only if we were in the market for a smaller sized ATX case to take to LAN’s, events in general or of course if we wanted an immaculate looking piece under our TVs as a HTPC (home theatre PC). Performance parts are compatible and should run ok, but I wouldn’t try overclocking anything with only 1 x 120mm fan driving air into the case, although you could of course replace it with a much better quality fan (the included one is fine) and try your luck, but be it on your own head! The Jonsbo RM1 just misses out by 0.1 point of our Gold award and gets a much deserved Silver; not that there is anything wrong with the case, but with a few refinements mainly in CPU cooler support and potentially the price, then Jonsbo-Cooltek have a winner; although personally, I would most happily purchase this case because it is beautiful!

Huge thanks to Cooltek/Jonsbo for sending in today’s sample.




  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value
  • Build Quality
  • Aesthetics



– Great small and compact design
– Gorgeous aluminium build and finish
– Perfect for those wanting top build quality
– Fan controller is a particular highlight


– Little expensive, albeit aluminium raises the cost
– Little cramped inside, but to be expected

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