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Installation was about easy as it could be when dealing with an m-ITX motherboard. The Aquila is broken up into two parts on the inside, the top side of the motherboard tray which is where the motherboard and its components will be installed and below the motherboard tray which is where the hard drives and power supply will find themselves out of the way. This is quite a nice feature as it allows for the PSU cables to remain out of the way which not only makes the build look cleaner, it allows for better airflow on the top side of the motherboard tray to help keep the main components cool.

As you can see without a GPU installed there isn’t a whole lot of mess going on, very few cables in view and they are all situated towards the back of the build which is very nice. As previously mentioned there is ample room to install an AIO liquid CPU cooler in the back of the case as you can see my Corsair H80i is snug, but it did fit with no problems.

Xigmatek Aquila_12

Depending on the size of graphics card you will be installing inside the Aquila it may very well block out the whole motherboard and all the cable behind it from view which is just fine with me. Once the GPU is installed it leaves a nice look and really allows users to highlight some of the main components of their build including the GPU, PSU and CPU cooler (depending on which you’ve installed).

Xigmatek Aquila_16



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