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The front of the Aquila box has a nice image of the case in the bottom left and towards the top right, a nice features list so potential customers can get an idea of what the Aquila has to offer.

Xigmatek Aquila_11

On to the back of the box and there are a good few images of some of the main points Xigmatek wanted to highlight and bring to our attention in regards to the Aquila. Here we can see a couple photos on things like the water cooling support, slick power button and the hard drive cases to name a few.

Xigmatek Aquila_2

The sides of the box offer a bit more information to try and help seal the deal! One side offers users the same features list we saw on the front, but in a few different languages.

Xigmatek Aquila_5

While the other side will let us know if we have the white or black version and also gives a specifications list so users can make sure the Aquila will be compatible with the rest of their hardware.

Xigmatek Aquila_9

Getting the Aquila out of the box and while it has a bit of a unique design, it still looks rather classy and elegant. This is definitely a case you are going to want to show off a bit, even if it is used in an office environment.

Xigmatek Aquila

Removing the front panel (Carefully as it has wires connected to the inside of the case) and Xigmatek have included a 200mm intake fan to help get air flowing through the Aquila, this should help provide a decent amount of airflow with minimal noise

Xigmatek Aquila_3

Around the backside we can see a vented area with a pre-installed exhaust fan, 2 x holes for water cooling tubes, 4 x PCI expansion bays and the cutouts for the motherboards rear IO and the bottom mounted power supply.

Xigmatek Aquila_4

The top of the case has a large mesh vent which will of course allow for more airflow, it can also be easily removed so users can install fans or even a radiator for water cooling if they like.  We can also see the big slick power button towards the front of the Aquila.

Xigmatek Aquila_6

Xigmatek Aquila_1

The Aquila features a nice tinted window in the main side panel which will allow for users to show off their hardware inside. This side is also where users will find the front IO which consists of 2 x USB3.0 ports and the front audio inputs (mic/headphone).

Xigmatek Aquila_8

The other side panel does not feature a window and this is just fine as this will be the side where most of the wires will be hiding once the build inside the Aquila is complete.

Xigmatek Aquila_10

Not a whole lot going on with the bottom of the case, as we could see in the side images the unique feet/handle design allow for the Aquila to be raised of the ground, allowing for airflow. On the bottom itself we can see the cutout in the front panel so users can get their hand in there to remove it, and towards the back of the case is a vented area for the PSU which also has a removable dust filter for easy cleaning.

Xigmatek Aquila_7



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