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Well, we have put another AIO cooler through it paces to find out if it is worthy or not of cooling your beloved CPU. While we had no doubt that the H100i GTX would be up to the task, we needed to see how well it would stack up against the others as there is a fair bit of competition in the AIO market these days. How did it do? Let’s recap and find out!

In terms of performance, the H100i GTX is the current king of our 2015 cooler testing results. While the margin of difference is small, a win is a win. The H100i GTX managed to keep a 4770K that was overclocked to 4.5 GHz @1.3V to a delta temp of 40.5c. This is a rather impressive feat all in its own and the first thing that comes to my mind, is the potential overclock users will be able to reach without having to worry about their temperatures. However, there is a slight downfall to the amazing performance, the noise created by the fans. The SP120L fans are notoriously loud when the CPU is under load, which may not sit well with some users. However, they are PWM and are easily controlled so the sound can be managed to some extent.

When taking a look at the design, I must say, the H100i GTX is quite esthetically pleasing. It features a simple, yet elegant look to it and is sure to help draw some attention to the overall look of any build. There are many things to mention in regards to the look of the H100i GTX. The extra wide tubing that has a sort of braided look to it, coupled with the colour changing LED logo on top of the pump, is sure to draw attention, especially if sat in a nice case such as a Corsair 780T with a nice big windowed panel. Speaking of the top of the pump, corsair made the side of the radiator match it and while simple, looks great.

When you want the best of the best, you are more than willing, in most cases, to pay for it. The H100i GTX is far from the cheapest AIO cooler on the market, but for the price, you are getting your monies worth. Setting the performance aside for a minute, let’s touch on the fact that it comes with a 5 yr warranty. If you work it out, over the 5 years of warranty coverage, you are paying somewhere around £1.60 a month to protect and cool your CPU. When you have paid £250+ for a CPU, I feel £1.60 a month to keep it protected is a worthy investment.

  • Gold award – Today I have given our Gold Award to the Corsair H100i GTX due to the fact it is the defacto number 1 cooler we have tested in 2015. When you couple the performance it has to offer with its design, you have a sure-fire Gold Award winner!



I would like to thank corsair for sending the H100i GTX in for review and look forward to the next update to their AIO cooler range. 

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Great performance
– Equally impressive design
– Backed by Corsairs 5yr warranty


– The included SP120L fans are loud

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