Cryorig H5 Universal CPU Cooler Review


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Even the boxes Cryorig use are top quality. The front of the box for the H5 features a great image of the cooler itself with the XT140 fan installed. There is also a small description about the cooler towards the bottom left corner.

Cryorig H5 Packaging_1

The side of the box gives users a bit more insight into the cooler and gives a bit better detail on the RAM compatibility and easy installation.

Cryorig H5 Packaging

The back of the box features a full specifications list on the H5 heatsink and the XT140 so users will be able to make an informed decision on if they feel this cooler is the one for them or not.

Cryorig H5 Packaging_2

Everything is well protected inside the box, the cooler and far are wrapped up nicely in a plastic bag which is encased with cardboard for protection.

Cryorig H5 Packaging_3

One of the unique things about the Cryorig packaging is where they put the accessories and mounting hardware used to install the cooler. Everything aside from the cooler and fan is actually packed nicely inside the walls of the cardboard that is also used to protect the cooler from getting damaged in transit!

Cryorig H5 Packaging_4

Getting everything out of the box and we can see the cooler and fan alongside all the mounting hardware which includes both AMD and Intel brackets, thermal paste and even a handy screwdriver to help you install the cooler as you will need to go down through the cooler to screw it onto the mounting hardware.

Cryorig H5 Packaging_5

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